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Natalie Portman & Johnny Depp Signed The Word ‘Tampon’ In Paul McCartney’s New Video. Whoops.

Last week, the new video for Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” was released, and everyone tripped over themselves to say how awesome Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman were for signing the lyrics. It was a veritable hipster orgasm all over a tweed jacket of smug satisfaction. Turns out nobody bothered to consult an actual deaf person… More »

Heather Mills can’t live on $48.6 million

Let’s say you just won $48.6 million. What would be the first thing you would do? Me? After pissing my pants, I’d run around town throwing hundred bills at squirrels. Then come back under the cover of darkness and kick their asses until they gave it back. As for Heather Mills the first… More »

Heather Mills’ cash grab wages on!

It’s clearly whores and prostitutes week here on The Superficial. Continuing that trend is the one-legged wonder Heather Mills. She’s already bilked Paul McCartney out of $48.6 million and is now trying to cash in even further by auctioning off exclusive interviews. Page Six reports:

One insider said Mills is demanding 1… More »

Heather Mills soaked Paul’s attorney in court

Heather Mills apparently dumped water over the head of Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer yesterday during the court hearing that awarded Heather a ridiculous $48.6 million. Heather was adament about not having the full judgment published which it was and you can view right here! God bless you, Internet. The Daily Mirror reports:

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Heather Mills gets buttload of cash from Paul McCartney

I haven’t been following the Heather Mills/Paul McCartney 80-year-long divorce battle because, frankly, anything to do with The Beatles makes me want to go into a coma. However, today a judge awarded Heather Mills a whopping $48.6 million in the divorce settlement, according to the AP:

A document released by the Family Court said… More »