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Joss Whedon Calls ‘Horseshit’ On Quitting Twitter Because of Feminists

Joss Whedon makes it clear that he didn’t quit Twitter because of feminists, but because he has a life and shit to do. More »

Comedy Central Backs Trevor Noah As Patton Oswalt Shits On Outrage

Comedy Central defends Trevor Noah as Patton Oswalt goes on a 53-tweet tear mocking outrage culture. More »

Hugh Hefner’s Finally Being Asked About Bill Cosby

Now that we’ve established who’s totally kissing who, you guys, watched Kendall Jenner get spanked by Santa, and learned how many women Leonardo DiCaprio fucked this weekend alone, let’s check in on Bill Cosby and the mountain of shit that’s flowed out of him since the last mountain of shit two days ago: … More »

Comic-Con Day 2: I’m In Love With A Giant

Welcome to Day Two of our Comic-Con coverage which I’m telling myself will justify beefing this Friday to go see Guardians of The Galaxy and spending way too long writing a dick-joke laden review of it. Lies are fun. Anyway, let’s get to it. I’ve still got Most Important People to put up when I… More »

Bill Hicks Died 20 Years Ago Today

In 2009, I picked up a copy of Love All The People: The Essential Bill Hicks which had a profound effect on how I approached comedy, politics, and humanity in general. Although, apparently not profound enough because five years later I’m still writing this above a gallery of celebrity tits. Anyway, my point is BillMore »

Dear Valentine, Please Use Your Hollywood Money To Rocket Fox News Into The Sun

[Ed. Note: For the sake of this post, I’m assuming Selena Gomez is my Valentine which is neither creepy nor illegal. Also, this doll made out of her hair was here when I got here. – SW]

Dearest Valentine Who I Have Sex With In Real Life,

Last month, Elisabeth HasselbeckMore »

There’s An Animated Version of Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster From ‘Parks & Recreation’

Above is an animated version of Patton Oswalt’s epic seven minute-long Star Wars filibuster from Parks and Recreation where he pitches his version of Episode VII that combines Star Wars and The Avengers along with X-Men, Spider-Man and all of Greek mythology because at this point, why limit yourself? Anyway, you may have read that… More »

WEEKEND NERDIOR: Patton Oswalt Edition

Patton Oswalt may have written an incredibly inspirational Facebook post the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, but he also did a bunch of nerd stuff this week that caters to people like me who already fear and loathe the outside world and wrote off humanity a long time ago, so let’s focus on that… More »

Patton Oswalt Vs. Phoebe Price

When comedian Patton Oswalt thought it’d be an adorable idea to take his two-year-old daughter to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch for some fall family fun last night, he clearly wasn’t aware that with the changing of the leaves also comes the whoring of the gourds. This led him straight into the path of Phoebe Price,… More »