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BREAKING: Jennifer Lawrence Possibly Sh*tfaced In This Dress Where You Can Sort Of See Her Butt

Posted by Photo Boy The Internet's girlfriend, and unwitting target of Jack Nicholson's coke-fueled lust, Jennifer Lawrence, recently told Seth Myers she got so drunk she puked at an Oscars after-party. Jen said she was so drunk, she puked on the stairs at Madonna‚Äôs after-party, and …
By: Photo Boy / May 1, 2014

Lady Gaga’s Demanding Photo Agencies Photoshop Her Pictures Now

While Beyonce went the less subtle route of having her publicist demand websites remove unflattering photos of her, Lady Gaga's people were smart enough to realize photo agencies would let you have sex with your kids if it meant an exclusive and started demanding pics be "enhanced" before they're …
By: The Superficial / April 8, 2014

Why Would Andrew Garfield Be A Dick To Batkid, You Idiots?

If you've been bouncing around the Internet this morning, the top completely bullshit story seems to be Andrew Garfield ruining Batkid's chance at being an Oscars presenter which he of course didn't. It all started when Page Six decide to run a rampantly spreading report that Andrew …
By: The Superficial / March 6, 2014

Bertney And The Moobie Party

Bertney And The Moobie Party A Word-Hero Super Tale! Bertney loved moobies. They were always such a fun way to past the time while at home or riding in the car. Especially with Furnch fries! Her favorites have talking animals in them, silly puppets, and sometimes her old friends from being a Mouseketeer. "Ryan Goose's …
By: The Superficial / March 4, 2014

No Miranda Kerrs Left Behind And Other News

- Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are doing red carpets now. [Lainey Gossip] - Reese Witherspoon is a powerful (pregnant) wizard. [Dlisted] - Things Are Getting Awfully Squishy Around Here [theCHIVE] - Kristin Davis is sorry about Sex and The City. [Fishwrapper] - Lupita Nyong'o photobombed the …
By: The Superficial / March 4, 2014

Justin #Bbare: World’s Most Elephant Shakesbeard

'Fore we even get started up here, let the platinum records show that my boy B-Bare is the stone cold, numba one pussy slayer. Bitches be gettin' wet just thinkin' 'bout him, and he be wettin' them bitches just thinkin' 'bout them. It's a wizardry y'all don't know nothin' bout which …
By: The Superficial / March 3, 2014

Christina Hendricks Can’t Get A Breast Reduction

Here's Christina Hendricks looking noticeably less chesty at Elton John's Oscar party which means she either got a breast reduction or we have no fucking clue how female undergarments work. (I didn't believe that last one either. *resumes trying to unhook bra from mannequin* C'mon...) The important thing is nobody made …
By: The Superficial / March 3, 2014

The 86th Annual Academy Awards

I pretty much made my feelings on the Oscars known last night - Although, kudos to Rust Cohle for his work as an undercover AIDS patient. - so here are the best red carpet pics Photo Boy could find while I sat in the corner making beer can men and mumbling …
By: The Superficial / March 3, 2014

Stacy Keibler Left George Clooney For Real This Time. Maybe.

"You sure you don't want? I'm done fucking her." It seems like every few months there's a report that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler's relationship reached that crucial point where it's stay together or have sex with tons and tons of other women, but this time seems to be official ( …
By: The Superficial / July 8, 2013

Amanda Seyfried Would Like Anne Hathaway To Not Stab Her With Her Oscar

If you're wondering how Anne Hathaway ended up in a nipple dress during her big Oscar night, turns out Amanda Seyfried was going to wear the same dress as Anne causing her to straight flip the fuck out and keep a team of stylists trapped in her house for hours.
By: The Superficial / March 5, 2013

The 85th Annual Academy Awards

Here are the rest of the Oscars because after spending all night on Twitter I can't talk about them anymore without living in fear of another Seth MacFarlane musical number. Holy shit, a man who can sing! What unexpected wonders you possess, Hollywood! In the meantime, if you're looking for …
By: The Superficial / February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence’s Breasts Wore These Outfits

Jennifer Lawrence won a lot of awards this weekend for reminding everyone that the chick who way too easily agreed to bang you is almost certainly bipolar, but more importantly her breasts looked spectacular at whatever the hell she was at. Granted, they lacked the unbridled pageantry of Brandi Glanville's Oscar gown, Jennifer …
By: The Superficial / February 25, 2013

Anne Hathaway’s Nipples Would Like To Thank The Academy

If I had to pick one item to perfectly encapsulate the unparalleled class and sophistication of the Oscars, it'd have to be Anne Hathaway wearing a nipple dress. Not to mention it's literally the only thing that happened to her all night. *thinks for a minute* Yup, just the nipple dress. Ol' nipply-roo...
By: The Superficial / February 25, 2013


Okay, I swear to God I'm done with the Lord of The Rings schtick. Alright, folks, the Oscars are tonight, so starting at 8:30 EST, Photo Boy and I will be live-tweeting the show because we don't want to see you die of goddamn boredom around the 90 minute mark which is probably inevitable.
By: The Superficial / February 24, 2013

Michelle Rodriguez Understands The Oscars

Apparently it's Characters From LOST Say Whatever The Fuck They Want Day, because here's Michelle Rodriguez explaining to Vulture why Nicole Kidman won't win an Oscar solely for peeing on Zac Efron even though she clearly should. So right off the bat you can tell this was a …
By: The Superficial / May 30, 2012

Natalie Portman (Might Have) Secretly Married Benjamin Millepied

Posted by Photo Boy Natalie Portman is notoriously secretive of her private life which is exactly why when she decided to marry The Lord of The Sissy Dance, she told no one. That is, of course, until she knew she'd be on television with a billion eyes shatting their sockets at what appeared …
By: Photo Boy / February 28, 2012

The 84th Annual Academy Awards

"Yes, I know it's aimed at my penis. That's why I made her wear it there." Here's the rest of the Oscars red carpet photos plus Brooklyn Decker who wasn't technically at the Oscars but her breasts are huge, so close enough. Think of this post as honoring the splendor of the Academy …
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2012

Welcome To The Exact Moment Heidi Klum Knew She Had To Kill Herself

"Ohmygod, it's Heidi Klum. We have so much in common!" "Scheisse. It's true." Rest in Peace, Sexy Nazi Fucksday Device. Adding... Anyone else look at these Heidi Klum pics and contemplate melting their own face to look more attractive to her? I can't be the only one. Photos: Getty, …
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2012

Gerard Butler Should Be The Poster Child For Rehab Because Jesus Christ

On Friday, we learned that Gerard Butler disappeared for a few weeks to get his shit straight in rehab presumably after finding out he banged Brandi Glanville and/or finally seeing his reflection in the mirror he was snorting coke off of. Long story short, it worked because here's Gerard Butler at …
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2012

Cameron Diaz Thought She Could Go Ass-To-Ass With Jennifer Lopez

If there are two people you can confidently say will never win an Oscar, it's Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, so naturally they presented an award together last night because Hollywood's the Special Olympics that way. Except at one point they decided to pose with their asses to the audience which makes …
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2012
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