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O.J. Simpson Is Khloe Kardashian’s Dad

The National Enquirer isn’t exactly the most accurate publication known to man, mostly because this site is, but occasionally they nail one so far out of the park, aliens are peeing on it in a sex tape. Here they are solving the mystery of who put Khloe Kardashian into Kris Jenner’s whore-uterus behind Robert Kardashian’s… More »

O.J. Simpson has some balls

O.J. Simpson wants to give the Smithsonian the suit he wore on the day of his acquittal because apparently he believes his getting away with murder is part of our rich national tapestry. TMZ reports:

An official from the Smithsonian … who did not want to be ID’d … told TMZ this AM… More »

Kanye West: ‘Give Chris Brown a break – and O.J.’

Kanye West recently performed for VH1’s Storytellers, and during the three hour shoot he made some choice comments that producers decided to edit out. Including a plea to back off Chris Brown. Reuters reports:

A little later, West asked the crowd, “Can’t we give Chris a break? … I know I make mistakes in… More »

O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison

O.J. Simpson just got slapped with 15 years in prison today for robbing a sports memorabilia collector in Vegas last year. The AP reports:

A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology… More »

Kim Kardashian & Robert Shapiro invest that sweet O.J. money

Kim Kardashian and Robert Shapiro debuted their online shoe service Shoe Dazzle at the Rohn Padmore Red Carpet Suite this weekend. Because nothing sells women’s footwear like the guy who helped O.J. beat a murder rap. I’m guessing after every 10th purchase you’re allowed to stab somebody, and Bob Shapiro will talk it down to… More »

O.J. Simpson convicted of robbery, kidnapping

So this is what it feels like to see O.J. Simpson get convicted of something. The Juice and his accomplice Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were both found guilty of robbery and kidnapping after they targeted a group of Las Vegas sports memorabilia collectors in Vegas. The AP reports:

Both Simpson, 61, and Stewart,… More »

O.J. Simpson, drunk off his ass, admitted to killing wife

Mike Gilbert, a former memorabilia dealer and money-laundering partner of O.J. Simpson, is releasing a tell-all book Monday (above) where he outlines how he helped O.J. beat the murder rap. He also drops the bomb that Orange Juice got hammered and confessed to killing his wife. Damn, and here I thought I was… More »

O.J. Simpson wants to be a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

O.J. Simpson is desperately angling to get himself on the next season of Donald Trump’s highly-rated The Celebrity Apprentice. But, get this, Orange Juice might actually pull it off. Page Six reports:

“Simpson really wants to do it. Trump and NBC are thinking about it, but are being very cautious,” our source… More »

O.J. Simpson is a creature of habit – and murder, don’t forget murder

A few weeks ago O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend cheated on him with a handyman. O.J. confronted the guy and threatened to kill him. Now why does this sound familiar? The New York Post reports:

With his gal pal, Nicole look-alike Christie Prody, next to him, Simpson peeled his Lexus sedan into the driveway… More »

OJ Simpson takes great pictures

Here’s a side by side comparison of OJ Simpson’s mugshot from 1994 after being booked on double homicide charges (left), and his mugshot from 2007 after being booked on multiple felony robbery charges (right). Can you believe he’s already 60-years-old? Looking at him I would’ve guessed 58, maybe even 57. … More »

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