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Octomom Got Drunk And Breasfted Two Baby Dolls Onstage At A Drag Show

Because Tan Mom wasn’t a big enough debacle, the she-males at XL Cabaret invited Octomom to their latest “Hot Mess” show where they got her shit-faced drunk then made her double-breastfeed two baby dolls in front of a room full of cross-dressers. Which is really the best way to make yourself look on the up-and-up… More »

Everyone Relax, Octomom Says Her Kids Aren’t Molesting Each Other. Wait, What?

And welcome to the exact moment all of this stopped being an only slightly horrible guilty pleasure of a train wreck to look at. TMZ reports:

The nannies do not say Octo personally sexually abused the children — but according to one of the nannies who spoke with CBS, “(One of the boys)… More »

Octomom Thinks You’ll Buy Her A House Now

When we last left Octomom, she was bragging about stripping and porning her way off welfare as if it’s some grand accomplishment that she’s finally feeding and clothing the 14 kids she forced science to poop out of her. Except now she’s set up a GoFundMe account begging random strangers to buy her a house… More »

Octomom Stripped Her Way Off Welfare, Wants You To Give Her A Medal

Before you complain about the quality of this photo, really stop and think about what you’re asking for a clearer picture of.

While Octomom originally bailed on her stripping gig in Florida because the manager told people she has kids (No, really.) apparently she eventually swallowed her pride and showed up to collect… More »

It’s Octomom In A Bikini Because I Hate You

Presumably to promote her self-exploration cinema spectacular, or the now-cancelled stripper gig to promote said spectacular, here’s Octomom in Palm Beach posing for some just-released canned bikini pics. And if you’re looking at these going, “My God, who would have sex with this?” Dudes. Dudes will have sex with this. We’re disgusting. TMZ reports:
More »

Octomom Cancels Stripping Gig After Manager Mentions She Has Kids. Makes Sense.

Seen her promoting her “self-pleasure voyage of discovery” or however they’re marketing this holocaust of the mind, the perfectly sane Octomom who should be responsible for the lives of 14 children has cancelled her upcoming stripping gig after the manager basically said a bunch of completely true words. TMZ reports:

[Octo’s rep Gina]… More »

Octomom’s a Stripper. The Circle is Now Complete.

A few weeks back I gave Octomom some shit for immediately blowing her porn paycheck on blowouts and gym memberships while still on welfare. (Or at least the kids are because they’re goddamn bums using crazy Octo-logic.) So I’m a man enough to admit when I made a mistake because clearly she was making an… More »

Octomom’s Lecturing Tan Mom Now

As a rule of thumb, if the media’s already given you a nickname that ends in “mom,” your best is to keep your mouth shut and pray to God no one ever finds the bodies from your first attempt at child-rearing. Unfortunately, Tan Mom has practically been blood in the water for horrible moms looking… More »

Octomom Spent Her Porn Money On Spray Tans And A Gym Membership. Of Course.

Last week we learned that Octomom finally took the inevitable plunge into porn after filing for bankruptcy on the heels of her child services investigation. So clearly she wasn’t kidding when she said she’d do anything for her family including masturbating on camera. Except apparently her kids are fed and nurtured by being left at… More »

Octomom Filed For Bankruptcy, Will Now Do Porn

Posted by Photo Boy

Octomom famously said she’d never do porn. Then she almost lost her house, so she of course posed topless for a European magazine because that doesn’t count. But since she only got paid a fraction of the million she was offered to do a hardcore scene, she’s now right… More »

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