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Nicollette Sheridan in a bikini

Here’s Nicollete Sheridan in Malibu Sunday and whenever she’s in a bikini I always comment on how awesome she looks for her age. So I’m going to try something different today and comment on how awesome I look to someone her age: Like a grandson you can have sex with. You know what? Let’s… More »

Beyonce doesn’t sound like her songs? I’m shocked.

- Beyonce’s real singing voice or that time I thought my cat was a beautiful woman? I mean, not that you’re not, Whiskers. Who’s a good girl? [Jezebel] UPDATE: TMZ confirms it’s a hoax.

- Michael Phelps is apparently dating Miss California Carrie Prejean. Because there’s something to be said about vigorous dry-humping after… More »

Nicollette Sheridan & David Spade: Why not?

Middle-aged? Recently dumped by your respectable-looking musician boyfriend/husband? Don’t worry. David Spade’s gonna make everything alright. OK! Magazine reports:

The Desperate Housewives star was celebrating her 45th birthday at new L.A. hot spot Luau in Beverly Hills — the same place they were spotted together a few weeks ago at the grand opening… More »

Nicollette Sheridan in a bikini is the antidote

These are shots of Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan in Malibu yesterday. Will someone explain to me how the hell Michael Bolton breaks up with that? Seriously, she’s got to be the hottest 44-year-old woman on the planet. In fact, if you slapped bikinis on all the hot 44-year-olds out there and put them in… More »

Nicollette Sheridan & Michael Bolton call off engagement

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are no longer getting married, E! News reports:

They “have amicably ended their engagement,” Sheridan’s rep said in a statement Tuesday. “They appreciate your respect for their privacy in this matter.”

Hey, life sucks then you die. What I’m more concerned with is how the hell is Nicollette… More »

Nicollette Sheridan is still wearing a bikini

Nicollette Sheridan enjoyed some more of her holiday vacation in St. Barts. She sported a new bikini then decided to do a little jogging ala Baywatch. They should really consider remaking that show and I nominate Nicollette for the role of Mitch. I know what you’re thinking: that’s a man’s role. But, if we’re to… More »

Nicollette Sheridan’s bikini is Fa la la awesome

Nicollette Sheridan went to St. Barts for Christmas with her fiancé singer Michael Bolton. I’m tempted to hand Nicollette the coveted award for “Hottest Old Chick of 2007″ right now because she is smoking. But I need to be objective and maintain my journalistic integrity. I still have to judge the swimsuit competition at the… More »