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Nicole Richie Got Slapped In The Face… Ten Years Too Late

Alright, if she was trying to promote a reboot of “The Simple Life,” maybe I’d think this was great, but I’ve moved on… If your reaction to this was “finally!” then you probably suck. More »

MET Gala 2014: WTF Happened Here?

Because Photo Boy and I know jackshit about fashion – *fingers hole in Iron Man t-shirt* – here’s our gallery of the most questionable outfits from last night MET Gala punctuated by Kate Upton’s huge breasts which are making her getup look less and less ridiculous by the second. In fact, is she glowing to… More »

The 2013 American Music Awards

Here’s the rest of The 2013 American Music Awards which is almost entirely an excuse to post pics of Aubrey O’Day’s breasts because we have Christ in our hearts. Then again, the presence of Ke$ha suggests maybe it’s Satan. I’m not a priest.

Photos: GettyMore »

Jessica Alba’s In A Bikini

Here an buttload of photos from Jessica Alba’s weekend in St. Barts which should pretty much sell themselves. In the meantime, Nicole Richie was there, too, so below are bikini pics of her in case anyone wants to confirm they have a tumor by clicking on them instead of Jessica Alba’s ridiculous ass. Your mother… More »

Here’s Those Nicole Richie Bikini Pics

If you enjoy looking at large breasts attached to a visibly bored socialite that never worked a day in her life, here’s Nicole Richie in Miami yesterday touching one of those large breasts. And as an added bonus Samantha Ronson is in absolutely none of these shots, licking her lips in the background and mumbling… More »

GOLDEN GLOBES: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Nicole Richie

For those of you with lives rich with purpose and meaning, the 69th Annual Golden Globes were last night and trust me when I say they were just as boring as that time you accidentally watched part of one. So to kick off our coverage with the express purpose of bringing it to a close… More »

Nicole Richie & Samantha Ronson Were in Bikinis. Oh, Good.

I’ve never once considered Nicole Richie attractive, but then again I’ve never seen her stand next to Samantha Ronson in a bikini before, so let me safely say Nicole now looks as beautiful as the glowing, radiant face of the “Virgin” Mary as her eyes of tear-filled joy look down upon the baby Jesus for… More »

When Suri Cruise Hides Her Face, Stop Taking Her Goddamn Picture

When it comes to celebrities versus the paparazzi I will almost always go to bat for the paps because despite what pampered stars who work three months out of the year say, taking their picture is a real job. It’s called supply and demand. Not to mention, without the paparazzi this site would be dead… More »

Nicole Richie in a Bikini

I’m going to be frank with you. There’s really not a whole lot going on today that’s not the Royal Wedding, so it’s either Nicole Richie in a bikini or a 40 pic gallery on fascinators. So, if you can’t tell, we flipped a coin. On a bright note, at least Nicole doesn’t have aMore »

Nicole Richie Was Probably Doing Coke

In my haste to post what was clearly going to be Exhibit A in the resulting trial from Lindsay Lohan murdering Samantha Ronson with a hobo shiv, I somehow forgot to gaze directly into Nicole Richie’s nostril. Fortunately commenter “Jill” has better journalistic skills than I do and wasn’t afraid to stare into the abyss. More »

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