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Rich Assholes In Halloween Costumes: Part 2

A whole bunch of beautiful people you’ll probably never have sex with in costumes, anyone? More »

The One Without Herpes Got Married

Nicky Hilton got married. Giving of shits not required. More »

Rich F*cking Assholes Acting Like Hippies (Coachella)

It’s that time of the year again when celebrities spend thousands of dollars to hang out with other celebrities and pretend they’re all dirty hippies. More »

Lindsay, Paris & Nicky Went On A Bender

Presumably around the time everyone paid attention when she walked off an interview with ABC News like a spoiled cunt-princess, Paris Hilton has finally come to terms with the fact that people only want to see her act like a drunken slorebox which explains why she spent the past three days partying with Lindsay LohanMore »

Nicky Hilton in a Bikini and Other News

- Jessica Simpson is either not pregnant or as dumb as.. Jessica Simpson. And we’re back to square one. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kirsten Dunst’s nude scenes are getting cut now. That’s gotta sting. [The Fab Life]

- Angelina Jolie will not tolerate your insolence. [Dlisted]

- Jake Gyllenhaal’s penis… More »

Oh, Good, It’s Paris Hilton’s Crotch-Hole.

Here’s a drunk, and let’s assume high, as hell Paris Hilton misting the VIP Room in St. Tropez with typhoid Saturday night where Doug Reinhardt also showed up in a horribly executed attempt to rekindle their romance. Which makes sense considering most women aren’t into dudes whose genitals look and smell like Chernobyl. (They’re weird… More »

Tila Tequila still making retarded spectacle out of Casey Johnson’s death

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips had the unfortunate task of going to Tila Tequila’s house yesterday to retrieve Casey Johnson’s personal items including her dogs. Not surprisingly this resulted in the LAPD showing up after Tila decided to once again milk Casey’s death for all it’s publicity juice. Here’s how she described the showdown… More »

Khloe Kardashian gets Kim drunk

- Kim Kardashian got trashed at Khloe’s 25th birthday and somehow a sex tape didn’t emerge. I’m as shocked as you are. [Khloe Kardashian]

- Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick want you to look at the new babies they bought. Or as I like to call them the “Sorry I Cheated… More »

Michael Jackson’s cause of death found

Drug overdose, huh? Then how do you explain this?!

Dun dun DUNNNN!

Photo: TwitterMore »

Kendra Wilkinson has a bachelorette party

- Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper had a conveniently photographed date last night. Somewhere Angelina is still not giving a shit. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ricky Martin has finally come out of the closet. The completely transparent one that might as well not even be there. [Celebslam]

- Heidi Klum is getting her… More »

Nicky Hilton fights crime. Who knew?

Nicky Hilton was reportedly attacked over the weekend at a West Hollywood IHOP. Authorities say a homeless man pushed her to the ground prompting her to open a can and put him under citizen’s arrest – right in front of the cops. E! News reports:

L.A. County sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore tells E! News… More »

Paris Hilton survived another year

Paris Hilton celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday in New York City where she’s attending the Mercedes-Benz Fall 2009 Fashion Week. To absolutely no one’s surprise, she spent the day acting like a rude, vapid attention whore with a misplaced sense of entitlement. Whee! NY Daily News reports:

The Hiltons then multitasked via BlackBerry, Googling… More »

Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian’s awkward reunion

Because God is a hilarious bastard, former BFFs Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were seated next to each other at a Fashion Week runway yesterday in New York.

KIM: Hey.
KIM: So, those sex tapes really worked.
KIM: What do you think would happen if we made new ones?
PARIS:… More »

Happy New Year!

Here’s Paris Hilton celebrating New Year’s Eve at The Bongo Virus party in Sydney. Hold on, she’s in the future already?! Jesus, how did this happen? Aw man, she’s going to get VD all over 2009 before we even get there. Guess I better start practicing having it burn when I pee. Anyone got a… More »

Crystal Rock Audigier is Paris Hilton in waiting

Saturday night, fashion designer Christian Audigier threw his daughter Crystal Rock a 16th birthday party in Hollywood that made every single episode of My Super Sweet 16 look like it was filmed at goddamn Chuck E. Cheese. Take a look at what he sprung for:

1. Two cars delivered by Paris and Nicky Hilton. More »

Paris Hilton’s big night

Paris Hilton came out last night to support her sister’s high-end line Nicholai at the Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week. Let me be your guide through these pics of an evening in the life of America’s sweetheart/biohazard:

1 – 4. Paris poses in an outfit designed by her sister Nicky Hilton. Who? Exactly.

5… More »

Nicky Hilton wears a bikini

The Hilton family spent Christmas in Hawaii and Nicky Hilton decided to spread some holiday cheer by wearing a bikini. I’m surprised at the shapeliness of Nicky’s ass compared to the frailness of her figure. I would’ve expected her butt to be entirely level or concave even. I also assumed the slightest of ocean currents… More »