Nick Stahl

Hey, They Found Nick Stahl

Thanks to Nick Stahl’s wife constantly talking to the media, we were led to frantically believe he’d been missing since May 9 even though friends had seen him since then and he has a history of vanishing for a few days to blow his royalty checks on heroin then crawl home and ask if TerminatorMore »

The Police Seem Really Concerned With Finding Nick Stahl

“See? We found this picture of him on the Internet with his kindly, cigar-smoking grandfather. Nuttin’ to worry about.”

According to his estranged wife who doesn’t want him anywhere near their daughter until he cleans himself up, Nick Stahl has been missing since May 9, although friends claim to have seen him more… More »

Has Anyone Seen Nick Stahl?

The last time Nick Stahl was in the news, he was arrested in March for not being able to pay a cabbie $84 – despite making $500,000 last year – and now comes word that he’s missing after spending a lot of time down on Skid Row. So basically the perfect recipe for a happy… More »