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Kate Hudson Is Banging Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Replacing Iggy Azalea At Pittsburgh Pride Event

Nick Jonas is performing at a gay pride event. You may yell, “I knew it!” at least once, but try not to be a dick about it. More »

Nick Jonas Having Sex Broke The Internet

The Jonas Brothers used to be a squeaky clean pop band who wore purity rings and were terrified of girls. Now they’re grabbing their dicks, doing whatever the hell it is Joe Jonas does with his time, and fucking on camera for TV shows. Which brings us to Nick Jonas’ sex scene for Kingdom where… More »

Nick Jonas Is Grabbing His Dick On The Internet

It’s been a few weeks since I tossed our penis-loving readers a bone with the Jared Leto dick GIF, so here’s Nick Jonas grabbing his for Flaunt which you can see more of on Dlisted where it will receive the proper treatment and respect it deserves. As opposed to here where we’re just going to… More »

The Jonas Brothers should stick to virginity and other news

- Hayden Panettiere wants to sit at the big kids table. [Lainey Gossip]

- Sarah Palin gets owned by a retarded person. [PopEater]

- Tiger Woods Should Be Allowed to Fuck Everything: A Valid Defense. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Hilary Duff is engaged. (Relevancy not implied.) [Just Jared]

-More »

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson fight bigotry. I think.

- Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson campaign for marriage equality by putting tape over their mouths. Is it because they’re both women? I’m confused. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Chastity Bono is getting a sex change operation. No! Then she’ll figure out we’re obsessed with breasts. Dammit, years of stealth operations… More »