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Bobbi Kristina: Foul Play Suspected, Nick Gordon Under Investigation

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend/adopted-brother Nick Gordon is under investigation after cops discover injuries on her face and his alleged drug dealer throws him under the bus. More »

Bobby Brown Told To Pull Plug On Bobbi Kristina. On His Birthday.

Today is Bobby Brown‘s birthday, so what better time to be told by doctors that he has to pull the plug on his own daughter? Yup. All of that just happened. More »

There’s Already A Fight Over Bobbi Kristina’s Money? Not Good

The Houstons and the Browns set aside their feud to make it clear Bobbi Kristina never legally married Nick Gordon, so he can’t get his hands on her Whitney money. More »

Bobbi Kristina And Her Adopted Brother Broke Up, I Don’t Want To Live In This World Anymore

When two crazy kids like Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon can’t make their quasi-incestuous love born out of grief work, there’s absolutely no hope for the rest of us. Yet here we are faced with such a cold, unyielding world because the two have gone their separate ways, according to E! News:

However,… More »

Bobbi Kristina: ‘Dear Mother, I Shall See Your Crack Addiction And Raise You Pseudo-Incest’

Before I even attempt to wrap my head around this story, I think it’s important that we all recognize one very crucial piece of information: Bobbi Kristina was raised by Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. How she made it to 18 is a goddamn miracle in and of itself, so the fact that she’s still… More »