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Hayden Panettiere’s New Boyfriend
Seems Nice

Apparently reports of Hayden Panettiere dating Marc Sanchez of the New York Jets were only slightly wrong because it turns out she’s actually dating his childhood friend, and now teammate, Scotty McKnight. So of course it wasn’t long until this May article from the New York Post turned up:

McKnight, a former Colorado… More »

Hayden Panettiere’s Having Midget Sex With Mark Sanchez Now

“If leprechauns aren’t real, how did I just have sex with one, homes? HOW?!”

Fresh off her break-up with Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere’s lust for mile high sex, to her anyway, has driven her right into the arms of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez who, at only 6’2″, is four inches shorter… More »

‘I’m About to Get Butt Raped, Aren’t I?’

Last night, the Pittsburgh Steelers essentially cornered the drunk New York Jets in a club restroom and sort of “blacked out” for a minute. And while the championship game had numerous highlights, including Mark Sanchez wiping a booger on his teammate, nothing stood out more than Rashard Mendenhall celebrating the Steelers’ victory by essentially ambushing… More »

Dear Colts, This is Why You Lost

When the New York Jets squeaked out a last minute field goal against Peyton Manning and the Colts on Saturday, there’s nothing anyone could do but blame Jesus who was clearly pissed off about something that day. I just wish we had some sort of clue what that was so we can burn it at… More »

Brett Favre’s Penis Strikes Again

Two former massage therapists for the New York Jets, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Brett Favre, the Jets and Lisa Ripi, who’s hired massage therapists for the team for over thirteen years. Apparently Brett wasn’t saving his text love for just Jenn Sterger and was trying to spread… More »

Brett Favre Will Be Fined For Penis Photos

While earlier reports suggested Brett Favre would not suffer any consequences for sending sextual messages – including pictures of his penis – to New York Jets reporter Jenn Sterger in 2008, reports Favre will, in fact, be fined by the NFL:

Commissioner Roger Goodell is likely to fine, but not suspend, Minnesota… More »

Brett Favre Wanted Jenn Sterger to Have ‘Special Crocs Time,’ Too

As Rex Ryan’s love of his wife’s feet becomes a part of our rich national tapestry, the Brett Favre penis fiasco has increased in size. This time with accusations that that the former Jet asked Jenn Sterger to make a video of herself masturbating. TMZ reports:

We’re told Jenn Sterger received the sextual… More »

Jenn Sterger Will ‘Go Public’ if Brett Favre Isn’t Punished By NFL

“These were a great choice. What could possibly go wrong?”

With all signs pointing to the NFL pretending it wasn’t Brett Favre who sent photos of his penis to Jenn Sterger while she was employed by the New York Jets, she’s finally decided to break her silence and will come forward with an… More »

Brett Favre: ‘Okay, I Left Those Voicemails’

A still-married, as of this post, Brett Favre has finally confessed to leaving Jenn Sterger (above) creepy voicemails while he was playing for the New York Jets and she worked as a team reporter. However, Brett insists he did not send her photos of his penis because everyone knows infidelity should be a classy affair,… More »

Braylon Edwards Should Be a Lawyer

And the New York Jets continue to dominate both on (Suck it, Tom Brady.) and off the field (Suck.. me?) this week. This time around, wide receiver Braylon Edwards was picked up for DUI early this morning where he essentially had the balls to ask the cop if he could just hop a taxi and… More »

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