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Nereida Gallardo is topless again

Nereida Gallardo continues her epic quest to spend 90% of the summer totally topless in order to piss off ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. I wish my exes flashed their boobs to get back at me. Boy, would I learn my lesson.

UPDATE: Did it work? Shit…

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions unless… More »

Nereida Gallardo topless = I’m moving to Spain

These are shots of Spanish model Nereida Gallardo topless in Ibiza. You may remember Nereida from the bikini shots a few weeks back when she was vacationing with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo – who just dumped her on her ass. Some say she’s prancing around topless to show him what he’s missing. While others say… More »

Nereida Gallardo still wearing a bikini

Nereida Gallardo continues her vacation in Italy with soccer star boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. At some angles, Nereida looks absolutely banging. While in others, Holy crap, cellulite. But I’m willing to look past all that because I’m a sensitive guy who drinks a lot and had sex with a a toaster last night. I’ve got nowhere… More »

Nereida Gallardo in a bikini = I hate you, Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

Continuing International Soccer Stars and their Bikini-clad Ladies Week on The Superficial, I’m posting pics of Nereida Gallardo who’s vacationing in Sardinia with boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. These shots are from today, but I also added some from yesterday because, well, BIKINI. I bet you guys read this site while stroking your chins and thinking “Clearly,… More »