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Bertney Made A Funny!

Britney Spears pretends to interview bodyguards while Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas prove she’s capable of repeating words like a big girl. More »

Katy Perry Breastfeeding Smurfette Is One Way To Promote A Children’s Movie, I Guess

Here’s Katy Perry at the photocall for The Smurfs 2 in Cancun yesterday where needless to say I won’t be invited back to play Smurfette again. In my defense, I had heat stroke and thought her breasts were coconuts with those little umbrella straws in them, a common side effect of wearing FUCKING VELVET IN… More »

Who Wants To See Neil Patrick Harris Sunbathing? You Know You Want To

“Doogie, dear, why are they taking our picture now? The sparkle luau isn’t until 11:30.”
“Let them. My cock bulge looks perfect in this light. Absolutely perfect…”

I like to think of this site as a friend to the gay community because religion is an asshole and anyone who doesn’t understand homosexuality… More »

Jack Black as Jesus in ‘Prop 8 – The Musical’

Here’s a bunch of Hollywood actors, including Jack Black as Jesus Christ, in a musical about Proposition 8. I guarantee you this will win people over because there’s nothing folks love more than that blonde chick from Scrubs and the guy from Talladega Nights singing with Doogie Howser. Seriously, with production values… More »

Britney Spears does it Doogie-style

Britney Spears made her second appearance last night on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Because I don’t hate myself, I didn’t watch it and opted to drink wine out of box. But I did, however, download these pics taken from the episode and I think I pretty much figured the plot out… More »

Britney Spears’ second cameo sticks it to Doogie Howser, but not the way he’d prefer

Britney Spears is done filming her second appearance on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This time around her character Abby is dating Doogie Howser’s character Barney which must be really awkward for the Doog considering he publicly complained about stunt casting Britney. Apparently, the writers decided to send him the message to… More »

Doogie Howser heeds my omnipotent advice

Neil Patrick Harris realized he’s an idiot and reversed his remarks criticizing stunt casting, such as Britney Spears, appearing on his show How I Met Your Mother. The Doogs finally concluded that “Oh, shit, ratings = work.” I knew there was some boy genius left in there. The AP reports:

“I… More »

Doogie Howser: Keep Britney off my show!

Neil Patrick “The Doogs” Harris doesn’t want to see another Britney Spears cameo on his show How I Met Your Mother. Even though she scored the show its highest ratings ever with a bump of over 1 million viewers. But Doogie doesn’t see what’s so great about people actually watching the show and keeping it… More »