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Blake Griffin’s Parting Shot On Donald Sterling

I’m aware this isn’t Blake Griffin, but goddamnit I love this picture.

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While Fish was away last year serving a brief stint after being found in Jon Hamm’s dresser posing as an athletic supporter, I was fortunate enough to single-handedly cover the whole Donald Sterling-is-the-core-of-Satan’s asshole-seriously-the-part-right-where-the-shit-begins-story, which I concluded… More »

Lamar Odom Just Quit The Dallas Mavericks

Back in December, Lamar Odom was unceremoniously traded to the Dallas Mavericks by the Lakers and somehow talked Khloe Kardashian into moving with him despite her family’s track record of never leaving LA because it’s rich in whore-ranium. At the time, Khloe called it “God’s plan” for them, so of course only four months later,… More »

Lamar Odom Traded To The Dallas Mavericks

After almost being traded to New Orleans – which he apparently only found about after the LA Times called him to comment – Lamar Odom has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks which should go awesome for his “marriage” to Khloe Kardashian considering we’ve already seen how this family of whore-satchels handles moving their whore-asses… More »

Charles Barkley: A Friend to The Gays

Charles Barkley is already a hero to the heterosexual community after openly admitting to the police his reason for driving drunk was to see a woman who gives the best blowjobs of his life. But many people will be surprised to know he’s also a huge advocate for gay rights and recently stated as much… More »

How The Knicks Won Last Night

I don’t want to believe it either, but there they are and the scoreboard doesn’t lie.

You can’t fight the science.

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Erin Barry Denies Affair With Tony Parker

Erin Barry, soon-to-be-ex-wife of San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, has officially denied an affair with Tony Parker despite allegations fed to the press by Eva Longoria. Erin apparently posted the following lengthy statement on her website before Thanksgiving which everyone is only just now realizing because when did wives of basketball stars get their own… More »

Tony Parker Banged His Teammate’s Wife

Now that it’s been established Eva Longoria really is getting a divorce, but didn’t want to ruin today’s Us Weekly exclusive she negotiated in advance, we can get down to who stuck what in who. Namely Tony Parker nailing one his teammate’s wife because he’s French and that’s what they do. Extra reports:

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Let’s Try This Eva Longoria Thing One More Time. With Feeling.

See? Feeling. *licks finger, adjust eyebrows* A thank you thank you.

Yesterday, TMZ reported Eva Longoria was getting a divorce only to immediately retract their story, leaving a scant handful of people going, “WTF?” because it’s only Eva Longoria. Well, word on the Internet streets is that she is going to file for… More »

Eva Longoria is Not Getting Divorced

In an uncharacteristic move, TMZ has issued a correction and are now reporting that Eva Longoria is not getting a divorce:

TMZ reported that Tony had filed for divorce. Two clerks at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas had told us the case was filed and sealed by a family law judge.
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Eva Longoria is Getting Divorced

Eva Longoria has been keeping her schedule noticeably full the past few weeks, and according to E!’s Marc Malkin, it might have to do with avoiding her husband Tony Parker:

She was supposed to be one of the many celebs to appear at the taping of Anderson Cooper’s CNN Heroes of 2010 television… More »

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