Nazanin Boniadi


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Tom Cruise Won’t Sue Vanity Fair But Totally Could If He Wanted To

“Before we bring out our next model, there’s something I’ve wanted to say for years… TCLTC, motherfuckers. Whoo!”

In case you needed more proof to back up the Vanity Fair story claiming the Church of Scientology held girlfriend auditions for Tom Cruise that eventually ended with a woman being forced to sell copies… More »

It’s Nazanin Boniadi, Tom Cruise’s Auditioned Girlfriend/Slave Lover Person. ‘Allegedly.’

If you’re wondering just what a Scientologist allegedly turned Tom Cruise’s beard-slave looks like, here’s Nazanin Boniadi the woman reportedly pressured by the church to “audition” to be Tom’s girlfriend only to find herself unceremoniously dumped and forced to scrub toilets with a toothbrush whenever she’s not peddling copies of Dianetics on street corners. Because… More »

Paul Haggis Confirms Scientology Was ‘Auditioning’ Girlfriends For Tom Cruise

“Before you send the first one over, does this angle make me look like I love vagina? Because I do, I love it. Even the tentacles.”

If you had nothing better to do this weekend, you probably caught the Vanity Fair piece touting their upcoming expose into the Church of Scientology’s failed attempts… More »