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Charlie Sheen Didn’t Even Know What The Word ‘Warlock’ Meant

“You losers can’t touch me. I’M A CUISINART!”

If I haven’t made it smugly clear by now, one of my greatest pleasures is watching Charlie Sheen admit he was completely out of his mind last year during the whole #WINNING/goddesses fiasco that everyone thought was some grand performance piece and/or a legitimate act… More »

Charlie Sheen’s Last Goddess Quit

“But I tiger warlock beamed her F18 receptor… Had to be the Vatican.

Following in the snail trails of Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen’s final goddess Natalie Kenly has officially fled Clam Manor which is usually what happens when prostitutes get asked for a freebie. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Charlie tell… More »

Tila Tequila Wants To Be a ‘Goddess’

Now that Ustream videos are involved, it was only a matter of time until Tila Tequila realized living with Charlie Sheen is the prostitution job she’s been waiting her whole life for. In an interview with Hollywood Life, she makes her case to not only be a “goddess,” but be the only one he’ll ever… More »

Charlie Sheen Went On Top of a Building With a Machete

“And this, my peoples, is what I shall use to cut your childrens throats- Wait. Wrong speech. This, my peoples, is what I will use to cut the whores. There, much better.”

After being fired from Two and a Half Men yesterday, Charlie Sheen decided to go on top of the Live Nation… More »

Charlie Sheen: ‘I’m a Polygamist Now’

“The hell’s my mercury surfboard? I’m trying to win here.”

Over the weekend, Charlie Sheen gave what he promised was an exclusive interview to 20/20 which turned out to be the exact opposite of the case as he spent all day Monday talking to every single media outlet from TMZ to CNN. Realizing… More »

Brooke Mueller to Cops: ‘I Want My Kids Away From Charlie’

Brooke Mueller must’ve just finished hitch-hiking home from Miami after Charlie booted her off his party plane last week because she’s now on a frantic mission to get her twin sons out of Charlie Sheen’s house where they’re apparently being raised by their new porn star mommies in an F18 hangar. TMZ reports:

More »

Charlie Sheen: ‘I Just Cured Alcoholism. Right Now. With My Mind.’

“You’re welcome!”

In case there were any doubts that Charlie Sheen didn’t just launch himself into an private jet full of coke and porn stars, he called in this afternoon to Alex Jones’ Infowars and revealed he’s in the air with “two hotties.” (Ha! Brooke Mueller thought there was going to be aMore »

Charlie Sheen’s Going on Another Porn Star Bender – With Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen is scheduled to return to work on Tuesday after a forced hiatus that cost the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men an entire month of income, so you’d assume he’d want to put his best foot forward and take it easy. Except if you did that you’d be an idiot… More »