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Nancy Grace Killed Again

In 2006, Nancy Grace strongly questioned Melinda Duckett, and basically point blank accused her of being behind the disappearance of her two-year-old son. (According to Wikipedia, she was never investigated by police, but was a suspect as all parents in missing children cases are.) But before the show could air, Melinda Duckett shot herself and… More »

Let’s See What Bullsh*t Kris Jenner Said Now

For some reason people want to know the thoughts and opinions of Kris Jenner which makes sense considering it is kind of amazing her face and lips are capable of speech. Anyway, she’s apparently fired back at Daniel Craig who called the Kardashian family “fucking idiots” in an interview with British GQ. Via The NationalMore »

Nancy Grace Was Wearing Nipple Pasties That Look Exactly Like Nipples

Monday night Nancy Grace flashed what I’d say without a reasonable doubt was a nipple on Dancing With The Stars, except she’s adamantly asserting her innocence and has now taken to Twitter where she posted the above pic of her “Breast Petal” pasties along with claiming she wore an “industrial strength bra” because apparently Nancy… More »

It’s Nancy Grace’s Nipple. Hot Dog.

While Christians lost their shit over Chaz Bono’s mere presence on Dancing With The Stars being an affront to God and a harassment of traditional family values, no one kept an eye on Nancy Grace who gave viewers an eyeful of her nipple last night. Legend says it emerged solely to utter the words, “Casey… More »