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So Kai The Hitchhiking Hatchet Hero Allegedly Murdered An Attorney For Allegedly Raping Him

Should I really have included the autotune? Probably.

So remember Kai The Homeless Hitchhiking Hero who saved a woman’s life by beating a crazy man who thought he was Jesus in the head with a hatchet? He, uh, he may have taken his love of hatcheting skulls too far. Via Gawker:

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So Half-Sack From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Murdered An 81-Year-Old Woman Then Died Falling Off A Roof

Now that all the information seems to be in for this story that first started out with Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis reportedly being killed in a double homicide, it turns out he allegedly murdered his 81-year-old former landlord then died falling off a roof after fighting her neighbors with “superhuman strength” thanks to… More »

Jon Cryer’s ex-wife really wants to kill him

So remember when Jon Cryer said his ex-wife was trying to have him assassinated and everyone just laughed and said “What, did she watch Superman IV?” He wasn’t kidding. TMZ reports:

According to documents filed in the custody battle between Cryer and ex-wife Sarah Trigger, Trigger’s lawyer claims on December 21, 2009, Trigger… More »

Anna Nicole Smith investigated for murder

The FBI investigated Anna Nicole Smith for plotting to have the son of her late husband murdered but she was never prosecuted, according to newly released files. The AP reports:

Smith’s FBI records, obtained exclusively by The Associated Press, say the agency investigated Smith in 2000 and 2001 in a murder-for-hire plot targeting… More »

Ryan Jenkins blames Jasmine Fiore in suicide note

Police have found a suicide note on Ryan Jenkin’s hard drive that gives a pretty fucked up look into what he was thinking while on the run for murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore (above). People reports:

In the letter, the Megan Wants a Millionaire star blames Fiore for his predicament, saying she… More »

Ryan Jenkins officially murders another VH1 show

After Ryan Jenkins hung himself in a Canadian motel cementing his guilt in the murder of Jasmine Fiore (above), VH1 has decided to officially can Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 which Jenkins is rumored to have won. People reports:

The production company behind Megan Wants a Millionaire and IMore »

Jasmine Fiore’s mother: ‘Ryan Jenkins is a coward’

In light of murder suspect Ryan Jenkins hanging himself in a motel room, Jasmine Fiore’s mother Lisa Lepore gave an interview to Good Morning America saying that while it’s brought closure for her family, she would’ve liked to see Jenkins brought to justice:

“It’s a relief to know that this man is not… More »

Ryan Jenkins found dead in motel

By hanging himself in a motel room in Canada, VH1 reality star Ryan Alexander Jenkins has basically confessed to killing and mutilating his wife Jasmine Fiore. The AP reports:

Canadian police say fugitive murder suspect Ryan Jenkins has been found dead of an apparent suicide in a motel in British Columbia. Sgt. More »

Megan Hauserman is ‘devastated’

Megan Hauserman is deeply saddened by the cancellation of her show death of Jasmine Fiore at the hands of her one-time suitor Ryan Alexander Jenkins, according to People:

“Megan is devastated,” a close friend tells PEOPLE. “She got to know Ryan through her show, and she is shocked and saddened by the week’s… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Megan Hauserman surrounded by ex-cons on reality show

After Ryan Jenkins, a contestant on VH1’s Megan Wants a Millionaire, became a fugitive for murdering his stripper wife Jasmine Fiore, it was revealed he had a 2005 conviction for assaulting his girlfriend at the time. Obviously this raised questions about background checks for VH1 reality shows, and producers issued a statement that… More »

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