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Montana Fishburne Checked Into a Mental Institution

The Montana Fishburne story just took a shocking until you think about it for a minute turn. TMZ reports she’s checked herself into an inpatient facility for anger issues and mental illness. When reached for comment, Laurence Fishburne got really fat for the Matrix sequels: … More »

Kendra Wilkinson: ‘Laurence Fishburne Needs to Support His Daughter Doing Porn’

Because who’s more synonymous with sex tapes these days? (Besides Kim Kardashian because that’s the only way she got famous, the only way.) Kendra Wilkinson was asked for her input on the Montana Fishburne situation this morning while doing an interview with TalkRadio’s America’s Morning News. Via Radar Online: … More »

Laurence Fishburne Writes Off Montana: ‘I’m Done With You’

Laurence Fishburne has officially cut off his daughter Montana after she decided to launch a media circus announcing her career in pornusing her father’s last name. Though in fairness, up until now it’s only been associated with two unnecessary Matrix sequels, so was there really any harm done? Food for thought. TMZ reports:… More »

Montana Fishburne: ‘Doing Porn is My Dream’

Montana Fishburne is clarifying her decision to star in a porno (above) and wants to make it clear she’s not doing it to break into the mainstream ala Kim Kardashian. She’s simply doing it because she loves getting banged on camera and it’s been her lifelong dream to do it for money. Phew! Glad that’s… More »

Kim Kardashian ‘Should Say Something’ About Montana Fishburne

When Montana Fishburne announced she made a porno because that’s how Kim Kardashian got famous, pretty much everyone reacted with, “Eh. Makes sense.” Now Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life is calling for Kim to come forward and speak out/lie about sex tapes before others follow in her footsteps. FOX 411 reports: … More »

Laurence Fishburne Done Good

Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter Montana (above) apparently made a sex tape/porno because Kim Kardashian has shown everyone that’s how you get famous. Except I’m not being sarcastic that’s literally almost the exact words out of Montana’s mouth. TMZ reports: … More »