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Monica Cruz in a bikini

Penelope Cruz’s sister Monica was spotted vacationing in Ibiza on Thursday, and I can’t help but wonder, who’s the more famous Cruz sister? And I know what you’re thinking “C’mon, Penelope dated Tom Cruise and was up for an Oscar.” True, but on the same token, Monica is on this site and in aMore »

Penelope Cruz shares a lesbian kiss with a special someone

In these screenshots Penelope Cruz plays some sort of hot lesbian librarian in her brother Eduardo Cruz’s new music video “Cosas Que Contar.” And who’s that woman Penelope is kissing, you ask? Maybe it’s, oh I dunno, her sister Monica. The idea was cooked up by Eduardo who wanted to generate some controversial publicity, according… More »

Penelope and Monica Cruz wear bikinis

Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica Cruz spent the week in Ibiza debuting their Autumn/Winter fashion collection which they were hired to design for fashion brand Mango. Which nobody actually cares about, I just wanted an excuse to post these pictures of them in their bikinis. And you know what else I want… More »