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Mitt Romney Seems To Be Holding Up

“Is that an A&W? I will suck your fucking dick…”

reddit user mbk95 captured this pic of an apparently security-less Mitt Romney pumping gas in La Jolla last night where he’s been holed up since the election. But before you go accusing him of looking like a man who just finished axe-murdering his… More »

Mitt Romney Cancelled Campaign Staff’s Credit Cards During His Concession Speech

The election is over, Barack Obama won, we’re in the middle of a goddamn bikini photo tsunami, so there’s absolutely no need for another politics post for a long ass time. Except Mitt Romney pulled such an incredibly impressive dick move Tuesday night, that I couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t take a moment… More »

The Black Guy’s Still The President Exactly Like Effeminate People Who Know Math Predicted

Thanks in no small part to Jon Hamm’s penis stumping in Colorado, Barack Obama and his “Chicago-style politics” were run out of town last night by the American public, except no wait, they weren’t. He was re-elected president to a resounding symphony of white butthurt. So if you’re a Republican who actually thought this was… More »

Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney For President And Other News

- Gwyneth Paltrow’s next role is Pablo Picasso’s muse. Why did this news just make me fart gluten-free Foie gras into a Ming dynasty vase? [Lainey Gossip]

– Mirrors are a girls best friend. [theCHIVE]

- Shiloh ain’t having this shit. [Dlisted]

- Avril Lavigne’s ex dressed up as… More »

Oh, Good, Lindsay Lohan Tweeted The Debate

Lindsay Lohan spent a good portion of the 2008 election trying to convince her girlfriend Samantha Ronson that she understands politics, so in an attempt to relive that tradition, Lindsay spent last night at a sushi bar (No, really.) live-tweeting the presidential debates if live-tweeting means making no goddamn sense and trying to get BillMore »

Honey Boo Boo Endorsed Obama. Goddammit…

Because apparently Octomom’s endorsement wasn’t enough (Goddamn, gun-toting single moms), Honey Boo Boo endorsed Barack Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. So if you were giddy about last night’s debate performance, knock that shit off and prepare thy magical underloons for the reign of your new Mormon overlord and also make sure dinner’s on… More »

Go Debate Hayden Panettiere’s Breasts With Your Brother, Daddy’s Got A Headache

Here’s the deal, Photo Boy got drunk and I completely put off sifting through yesterday’s comments for Most Important People entries to tweet Big Love jokes about last night’s debate between President Obama and Governor Ladybinders, so while we caffeinate and get our shit together, why don’t you all have your own spirited debate over… More »

Lindsay Lohan Just Endorsed Mitt Romney

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan called into TMZ Live and basically said her dad’s dead to her for recording her desperate call for help during her fight with Dina and then tried to say she lied to him about her mom doing coke. Which is, of course, bullshit, so she quickly needed a distraction from that, and… More »

This Guy Won The Internet And Other News

- Why Mitt Romney probably shouldn’t pose with fast food workers who make 1/1,000,000,000th the amount he does in a minute. [Uproxx]

– The time The Shriners openly shat all over Justin Timberlake. [Lainey Gossip]

– I’m not sure I like seeing abs that manly so close to underboob. [theCHIVE]
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Scott Stapp Won’t Vote For Obama. October Surprise, Bitches!

Because if there’s one thing people who watch FOX News probably love, it’s Creed, so Scott Stapp stopped by Fox & Friends this morning where he revealed that he voted for Obama in 2008, but won’t this year because he found his administration “ineffective” and “a lot of promises but no real delivery.” Except he’s… More »

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