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Miss Teen Delaware Only Made $1,500 For The Porn That Everybody’s Seen At Least Once Now

And now comes the part where the Miss Teen Delaware story gets depressing which is surprising considering it involves porn and naked beauty pageant winners. There’s usually unicorns at the end of this rainbow. Mechanical, vibrating ones, but unicorns nonetheless. Anyway, apparently Melissa King only made $1,500 for her porn video that ruined her career… More »

Miss Teen Delaware Offered $250,000 Porn Contract, Should Probably Take It

Yesterday, I posted about the plight of former Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King who was forced to resign after pageant officials discovered she filmed a porno after her 18th birthday even though this showed entrepreneurialship (That’s a word. Shut up.) on her part. Apparently the state of Delaware feels kids who grow up broke… More »

Miss Teen Delaware Made A Porno, Isn’t Miss Teen Delaware Anymore

According to Gawker, shortly after turning 18 last year, then-Miss Teen Delaware International Melissa King found herself short on cash which usually happens when you’ve been in the foster care system since you were 12. So in true American spirit, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and then wrapped them around some dude’s wiener… More »