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Hilary Duff Finalized Her Divorce!!!!!


Hilary Duff finally filed for divorce from Mike Comrie. *takes hit of Binaca* Let’s do this. More »


Aaron Carter already made shit creepy enough by expressing his undying love for Hilary Duff on Twitter which he did back off on after she told Buzzfeed that it’s weirding her out. Except here he is with a new Instagram pic of himself watching an old episode of Lizzie McQuire because helping your girl lock… More »

Good Morning, Hilary Duff, And Other News

- Rest In Peace, Lauren Bacall. [Dlisted]

- Ashton Kutcher’s website is apparently run by plagiarists. [Lainey Gossip]

– And now 64 pics of Ronda Rousey. [theCHIVE]

- Norm MacDonald has an awesome Robin Williams story. [Fishwrapper]

- Keeping Up With The Kardashians with no Kardashians and… More »


If you’ve been following the site lately, then you’re probably aware of my recent obsession with Hilary Duff. Shit, I invited you all to the wedding. (Still need those RVSPs.) And if you work for law enforcement, then you’ve probably been waiting for me to slip up, so you can finally land that restraining order. More »

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Went To Coachella Together

On Friday, word got out that Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were calling off the divorce, and now here’s the two of them at Coachella over the weekend looking absolutely shocked to see the paparazzi despite hundreds of them being there every single year since the first hipster bought a fedora with daddy’s credit card… More »

Hilary Duff’s Calling Off The Divorce

Because apparently it’s Get Back Together With People Who Should Be Me Goddammit Week, Radar reports Hilary Duff is working things out with Mike Comrie after the two started hooking up back in February. Which essentially means they spent a month not having sex or barely talking to each other which is almost the exact… More »

Hilary Duff’s Marriage: What Went Wrong?

“Yup, it’s me, the chick who blew her fiance after he proposed. Thanks for coming to Disney’s Planes!”

On Friday afternoon, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie shocked the five people still online by announcing they’re separating after only three years of marriage. Which seemed odd at the time considering his penis went rightMore »

Hilary Duff Is Single

When Mike Comrie proposed to Hilary Duff she promptly blew him, so right off the bat none of this makes sense. If that’s not the start of a successful marriage, then we might as well cancel them all because they’re a house of lies. TMZ reports:

Hilary Duff and ex-NHL star Mike Comrie… More »

Hilary Duff is Pregnant

“Honey! He’s lighting shit on fire with his eyes again…”

Normally when I write “So and So is Pregnant” in a headline, it’s followed by almost serial killer-esque details that turn out to be way off because I don’t understand water retention on account of blood not sloughing out of me every four… More »

BEST OF 2010: Hilary Duff Says ‘Yes’

1. Hilary Duff

Posted: 2.23.2010

As I compiled this list at the beginning of the week, I found myself smiling when I saw the top post of 2010 because I completely forgot about these beautiful, almost quintessentially romantic set of photos. Here’s Hilary Duff accepting Mike Comrie’s proposal in literally the… More »

How to Accept a Marriage Proposal


Why I Keep a Bag Full of Cubic Zirconia Rings in My Glove Box. … More »