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Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Match Was Probably Fixed, Call It A Hunch

Over the holiday, a bunch of you wrote in to let me know that 62-year-old Mickey Rourke beat 29-year-old Elliot Seymour in a boxing match in Moscow (your first red flag). Photo Boy’s on vacation this week, so I’ll jump right to the chase, that shit was almost definitely fixed. Not to mention, if Mickey… More »

So Who Wants to See Megan Fox Look Like a Bird Hooker?

Here are stills from Megan Fox’s upcoming movie Passion Play – The one Mickey Rourke preemptively declared as terrible. – and basing it entirely on these photos alone, her character’s clearly some sort of bird-fetish hooker. Or a fallen angel whose last trick, a humble trumpet player named Joseph (Mickey Rourke), teaches her a special… More »

Mickey Rourke Sh*ts On Every Single Movie He Just Made

Mickey Rourke attended the Scream 4 after-party Tuesday night which he apparently only showed up for to see Harvey Weinstein. “I don’t know nothing about the movie,” were his exact words. Vulture managed to catch up with him where he proceeded to trash both of his latest films starting with 13 co-starring 50 Cent who… More »

Mickey Rourke wrestles. Like in that movie.

- Mickey Rourke battles Chris Jericho on Wrestlemania 25. The loser: dignity. Ha! See how I assumed there’d be any at a wrestling event? I’m adorable. [Videogum]

- Ashlee Simpson makes Bronx Mowgli watch Fall Out Boy concerts. That’s gotta be the worst case of child abuse I’ve ever heard. Can’t we… More »

Mickey Rourke is awesome

Mickey Rourke won Best Male Lead at the Spirit Awards last night for his starring role in The Wrestler. His acceptance speech is a long-winded ball of insanity that includes a tribute to his late Chihuahua Loki and a plea for Hollywood to recognize the greatness of, no shit, Eric Roberts. E! News reports:
More »

Mickey Rourke loses a loved one

Mickey Rourke’s beloved Chihuahua Loki went off to the great fire hydrant in the sky, E! News reports:

Loki passed away Monday night at the ripe old age of 18. The pup was prominently photographed walking the red carpet with his master, who called Loki the “love of [his] life,” at the Venice Film… More »

Mickey Rourke realizes he’s not a complete eye-sore. Takes action.

Here’s Mickey Rourke in Paris, and I don’t even know. It’s like he looked in the mirror and said, “I want to look like a blue Michael Jackson. Except with a hat that suggests I enjoy Budweiser out of a can and date rape.”

OR he could’ve just snorted coke off a hooker… More »

Evan Rachel Wood & Mickey Rourke probably having disturbing sex right now

Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke have been rumored to be a couple ever since they filmed The Wrestler together. However, Evan denied the rumors and everyone believed her because, Christ, it’s Mickey Rourke. Turns out the 21-year-old actress really does have a thing for 56-year-old dudes who look like a burn victim. FOX NewsMore »

Mickey Rourke offers to show Kate Winslet his SAG

In a legendary red carpet encounter at yesterday’s Screen Actor Guild awards, Best Actor and Actress nominees Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet shared a brief “How do you do?” that ended with Mickey blatantly fondling himself at the sight of Kate’s breasts. Sure, both of them went on to lose the aforementioned categories, but it’s… More »

Heath Ledger nominated for Oscar

Heath Ledger has cinched a posthumous Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight which, surprisingly, did not garner a Best Picture nom nor Best Director nom for Christopher Nolan. I blame Katie Holmes. Look what you did!

Anyway, scope out the pics gallery for other notable nominees including the couple most… More »

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