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Beyonce’s Not Pregnant Again. Again.

Posted by Photo Boy Can't Beyonce just Instagram a family picture of an innocent beach day where she's covered in sand with a conspicuous mound over her stomach without everyone going crazy with the pregnancy rumors? It's exhausting for her to constantly have to shoot this shit down. Wait, she hasn't? And the…
By: Photo Boy / January 13, 2015

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel Broke Up

If anyone cares, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up a few weeks ago because of "distance," according to People. Which is of course a cover story for after a year into a relationship Michelle Williams expects you to put a baby in her then get killed by the Olsen twins.
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2013

The 84th Annual Academy Awards

"Yes, I know it's aimed at my penis. That's why I made her wear it there." Here's the rest of the Oscars red carpet photos plus Brooklyn Decker who wasn't technically at the Oscars but her breasts are huge, so close enough. Think of this post as honoring the splendor of the Academy…
By: The Superficial / February 27, 2012

Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams in Swimsuits

These are shots of Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams filming Take This Waltz in Toronto yesterday. A movie I'm assuming is by and for vampires battling clinical depression. ("Eating is not the answer. Now get in that pool and live your pale, undead life, dammit!") On that note, someone once told me consistently…
By: The Superficial / August 12, 2010

Michelle Williams in a bikini

Because pale, awkward vampires are this year's pirates dressed like Keith Richards, here's shots of Michelle Williams in Hawaii over the weekend. *waits for all that young people traffic to roll in* Any minute now... Photos: Splash New…
By: The Superficial / December 22, 2009

Michelle Williams & Spike Jonze getting married?

- Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze are rumored to marry this summer. Unless, of course, Mary-Kate Olsen kills him first. -- Too soon? [I'm Not Obsessed] - Kevin Federline to become NutriSystem spokesman. Right after he challenges Britney to a pie-eating contest. UPDATE: She won. And doctors are confident they can reattach Jayden's finger.
By: The Superficial / April 23, 2009

Heath Ledger’s daughter inheriting his estate

When Heath Ledger died earlier this year from an accidental overdose, his will left everything to this parents and three sisters. It was written, of course, before the birth of his daughter Matilda with Michelle Williams. Many believed Michelle would file a claim for the estate, but Heath's family has given the entire thing…
By: The Superficial / September 29, 2008

Michelle Williams dating director Spike Jonze

Michelle Williams is dating director Spike Jonze. Spike is the director of the upcoming film Where the Wild Things Are and is currently getting his nuts kicked in for having the audacity to make a kid's movie devoid of fart jokes. But at least he gets to have sex with someone who will constantly…
By: The Superficial / July 24, 2008

Michelle Williams may be a tad pissed at Heath Ledger’s family

Remember when Heath Ledger died and his family said, "Oh yeah, don't worry. We'll take care of his kid."? Bullish shit. Turns out Michelle Williams hasn't seen a dime for daughter Matilda and is well aware that Heath's dad Kim botched the handling of his own father's estate. As an act of protest, she…
By: The Superficial / June 24, 2008

Heath Ledger’s family fights over his cash

Heath Ledger's family have already begun the infighting over the handling of his estate. That didn't take long. Apparently Heath's uncles want Heath's father Kim to be removed as executor because he completely botched the handling of his own father's estate 15 years ago. Heath's uncles have already told Michelle Williams father that Kim i…
By: The Superficial / March 19, 2008

Heath Ledger’s family responds to autopsy

Heath Ledger's family issued the following statement in response to the final autopsy report: We remain humble as parents and a family, among millions of people worldwide who may have suffered the tragic loss of a child. Few can understand the hollow, wrenching, and enduring agony parents silently suffer when a child predeceases them. Today'…
By: The Superficial / February 6, 2008

Heath Ledger’s death ruled accidental

The New York City medical examiner ruled that Heath Ledger's death was accidental and resulting from the abuse of prescription medications. Heath was suffering from sleeping disorders and anxiety issues. TMZ reports: The NYC medical examiner has finished the toxicology report following the death of Heath Ledger, and has just ruled that the actor'…
By: The Superficial / February 6, 2008

Michelle Williams issues statement about Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams released the following statement today regarding the death of Heath Ledger. It is the first statement she's made since Heath's body was found last Tuesday in a New York City apartment, according to Reuters: "Please respect our need to grieve privately. My heart is broken. I am the mother of the most…
By: The Superficial / February 1, 2008

Michelle Williams had Heath Ledger drug video pulled

Michelle Williams' reps at ID public relations successfully pulled off a campaign to stop Entertainment Tonight from airing a video that showed Heath Ledger at a hotel party in 2006 where he talked about doing drugs. ET had paid $200,000 for the video, but ultimately opted not to air it after Michelle's reps e-mailed several…
By: The Superficial / February 1, 2008

Heath Ledger did drugs – Gasp!

Michelle Williams kicked Heath Ledger out of their Brooklyn home because of his drug problems over the past year. Heath would disappear for days on end and show up a complete mess, according to a member of Heath's entourage. Page Six reports: "He was partying, doing drugs. She didn't like the company he wa…
By: The Superficial / January 31, 2008

Heath Ledger and some girl break up

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams ended their three-year relationship over the weekend. The couple has a daughter Mathilda and friends say the split was amicable. A source close to the couple says: "It was rocky for awhile. They did what they could to make it work." Man, I feel sad for poor Michelle Williams. Without…
By: The Superficial / September 4, 2007