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The Duggars Have A 20th Kid Now. Did God Die?

The Duggars found a way to get that 20th kid. Wonderful. More »

Another Josh Duggar Victim Came Forward

Reminder: Josh Duggar molested someone besides his own sisters, and now that poor girl is talking. More »

Michelle Duggar Would Like To Talk About Fucking Now

Michelle Duggar pretends to give advice to newlyweds but is really throwing some next level shade at Anna Duggar for not banging Josh enough. … More »

The Duggars Are Getting Pounded In The Ass By People Magazine

I read all of People’s coverage on the Duggars. Help me. More »

Josh Duggar: The Aftermath (Of The New Shit, Not The Sister Touching)

Let’s see how Josh Duggar is doing today which is probably great because his wife still has to let him put kids in her or burn in Hell. More »

The Duggars Want To Counsel Molestation Victims On TV Now

Was your child molested? If so, could the Duggars maybe use it to get back on TV? Because that’s what literally happening here. More »

The Duggars Are Going Broke

The Duggars are going broke. Hallelujah! More »

’19 Kids And Counting’ Is Cancelled

The clown car vagina circus is officially off the air which is almost as good as sterilizing the whole family. I guess. More »

The Duggars Are Still Being Investigated By Child Services

Police were called to the Duggars’ home after they refused to allow a Department of Human Services worker to speak to a minor for a new investigation. More »

The Duggars Are Over

Breitbart.com has come out against the Duggars. The Breitbart.com. More »

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