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How Michaele Salahi Didn’t Stop Believin’ (I Went Right For It)

Last week, Michaele Salahi ditched her husband Tareq Salahi for Journey guitarist Neal Schon prompting Tareq to go on a massive smear campaign via TMZ who for some reason has actually been paying money for shit as mundane as burying his goddamn dog. No joke. Anyway, Michaele and Neal have granted an interview with TheMore »

Michaele Salahi Was Kidnapped If Kidnapped Means Banging Journey

Yesterday, White House crasher turned Real Housewives star Tareq Salahi claimed his wife Michaele was abducted and even contacted the sheriff’s department before taking his case to TMZ. Turns out she left his ass to bang Journey’s Neal Schon and had already checked in with the police to make sure her husband didn’t find her:… More »