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Paris Jackson Thinks Michael Jackson Was Murdered, Awkward

Paris Jackson told Rolling Stone Michael was murdered over his money and music catalog. More »

Joseph Fiennes’ Michael Jackson Was Taken Out Back And Shot

Sky Arts has cancelled the Michael Jackson episode of ‘Urban Myths’ starring Joseph Fiennes as a goddamn nightmare. More »

It’s Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson Because Life Is A Hellscape

Somebody actually went ahead with the whole Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson thing. They shouldn’t have. More »

Michael Jackson Had Tons Of Animal And Child Torture Porn: Report

Michael Jackson was into some sick, perverted shit? Get out. More »

Joseph Fiennes Is Playing Michael Jackson And The Internet Is Pissed

White British actor Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson in a TV movie and Twitter ain’t having it. More »

Michael Jackson ‘Passed The Torch’ To Aaron Carter? Haha, Drugs

Aaron Carter claims Michael Jackson passed down the torch to him, which he honored by doing jackshit for the past 10 years. More »

Michael Jackson Wanted To Play Jar Jar Binks. No, Really.

Michael Jackson Used To Prank Call Russell Crowe

Michael Jackson apparently spent years prank calling Russell Crowe even though the two had never met or spoken to each before. This is why we Internet. More »

Michael Jackson Threatened Maids With ‘Doo-Doo Snowballs’: A Serious Internet Report

While the rest of the world continues to mourn the tragic loss of Robin Williams, it falls on my journalistic shoulders to keep the Internet spinning by chronicling Michael Jackson’s use of weaponized poop. I have a responsibility, dammit! The New York Post reports:

Neverland’s manicured lawns and fairy-tale facade masked a house… More »

Michael Jackson Used To Call Jizz ‘Duck Butter’

“Duck butter?”
“Duck butter.”
“… I’m going to let Ashton Kutcher impregnate me.”
“Fair response.”

Up until now, you probably thought a child sex alarm and spending $35 million over the course of at least 24 kids were the most disturbing allegations you’d ever hear about Michael Jackson. Except here… More »

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