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Holy Shit, It Worked: A Review of ‘Ant-Man’

I went and saw Ant-Man. Here are way too many words about it. More »

Michael Douglas: ‘I Have A Big Dick’

Michael Douglas has a big dick, according to Michael Douglas. More »

‘Ant-Man’ Has A New Trailer: Now With More Bee-Guy-Person!

Marvel released a new trailer for ‘Ant-Man’ debuting Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket which means absolutely jackdick to most of you, and yet it’s still going to take your money. Resistance is futile. More »

The Official ‘Ant-Man’ Trailer Is Here

Posted by Photo Boy

The first word spoken is this trailer is “Scott.” That’s pretty unremarkable considering a minute later you’re watching a dude fly around on an ant, but hear me out. If you’ve watched Behind the Candelabra – And my God, you should. There should be Constitutional Amendment requiring its viewing. More »

Comic-Con: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ And Oh Yeah, ‘Ant-Man,’ I Guess

Considering they have no less than 20 movies coming out at a time, Marvel gets the prime time-slot in Comic-Con’s Hall H where this year they wheeled out the entire cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron – minus pregnant ScarJo – after an awkwardly brief Ant-Man panel. And if you’re wondering how to tell… More »

Blake Lively Still Has Breasts And Other News

- Taylor Lautner is an acceptable comedy replacement for Andy Samberg now. [Lainey Gossip]

– I’ll assume these are instructional moves for Kylie. [Dlisted]

– Yesterday really was Ass Day, wasn’t it? [theCHIVE]

– Even Madonna hates Madonna music. [Fishwrapper]

– Keep telling kids who’ve been molested… More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Single

“Eh? Oh, right, the cancer stuff.”

In a surprising move, the Internet actually took time away from accusing Miley Cyrus’ ass of twerking open the door to Armageddon this morning to report that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are separated after 13 years of marriage. Radar reports:

Michael Douglas and wife… More »

Michael Douglas Would Like To Take Back That Cunnilingus Stuff Now

Yesterday, Michael Douglas set the Internet a flutter by telling The Guardian he got throat cancer from cunnilingus. A statement that was shockingly medically possible – *chugs third bottle of Listerine* – but also insinuated that the bipolar woman who lets him have sex with her has an infected vagina. An insinuation made even stronger… More »

Michael Douglas’ Ex-Wife Wants You To Know Her Vagina Is Spotless

“Did that guy just say you can get cancer from eating pussy? I wonder if he has any coke…” (Haha! The 80s.)

Thanks to Michael Douglas announcing to the world that he got throat cancer from cunnilingus, it behooves a woman whose vagina he stuck his tongue into to set the record straight… More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Vagina Gave Michael Douglas Throat Cancer

Note to Self: Give Photo Boy a raise.

So if you haven’t heard by now, people stick their tongues in vaginas which I honestly thought was something I made up to make fun of Kristen Stewart with so now I really don’t know how these things work Michael Douglas just made every single… More »

Michael Douglas is a Gas

MICHAEL: And let’s see how much it’ll cost me to have sex with Catherine.
CATHERINE: Haha! It’s true! It’s so true.

Like most people, I often lie awake at night wondering what it’d be like to dine with the Douglas-Zeta-Joneses, so imagine my surprise when these photos of Michael Douglas and CatherineMore »

Catherine Zeta-Jones is Bipolar! Of Course.

In a shocking twist to the Michael Douglas beating cancer story, Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly checked herself into a mental institution to deal with a bipolar disorder that no one knew she had until now. ABC News reports:

“After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in… More »

When Catherine Zeta-Jones Attacks

Here’s Catherine Zeta-Jones physically launching a paparazzo after he hit her in the face with his camera while she was entering a London hotel last night. Which had to feel awesome for that guy considering he just had his ass handed to him by a middle-aged Welsh woman. Usually I’m not a fan of celebrities… More »

Michael Douglas Beat Cancer

Figured we’d start the day on a positive note. After months of looking like things could go south at any minute, Michael Douglas has not only beat throat cancer but is already working to regain his weight so he can return to acting. The Today Show reports:

“The odds are, with the tumor… More »

How Rich is Michael Douglas? No, Seriously, I Need to Know.

Here’s Catherine Zeta Jones at the 64th Annual Tony Awards last night where she trotted out Michael Douglas for, what I can only assume, were purely soup-based reasons. I don’t know if the Welsh are asexual or incapable of shame, but I’ll never understand the mechanics of this relationship. Seriously, not a single person is… More »

Michael Douglas questioned about the economy because he was in that movie

Michael Douglas fielded questions yesterday about the current economic crisis facing America. Apparently, playing Gordon Gekko in Wall Street over two decades ago makes him a financial expert. Wow, way to hit a home run, mainstream media. For a minute there, I was almost worried people might not think we’re a nation of… More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones is all kinds of hot

Catherine Zeta-Jones promoted her unnaturally hot ass off in Sydney this weekend. She did press for her latest movie Death Defying Acts. I don’t even know what it’s about, but who cares? It stars Catherine Zeta-Jones. I’d watch a five-hour documentary about the bassoon if she was in it. I included pictures of her husband… More »