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Shit Break’s One Night Stand Had To Be Removed From His House By A SWAT Team

If you’ve ever assumed that being an actor, and not even a good one, is a ticket to Pussytown, U.S.A., you’re not exactly wrong. You’re just leaving out the part where women try to stab you then have to be tear-gassed out of your house by a goddamn SWAT team. TMZ reports:

[T]he… More »

Mena Suvari Definitely Has A Type

From 2010 to 2012, Mena Suvari was married to tattooed Latino Simone Sestito, but apparently his name didn’t sound enough like he fetches a donkey for Don Quixote, so here she is with her new boyfriend, tattoo artist Salvatore Sanchez who has to be three feet tall and tastes like delicious salsa judging by the… More »

Mena Suvari’s Golden Chipmunk Butt And
Other News

- Your glasses draw a fine line between hipster and sexy. [theCHIVE]

- George Clooney hasn’t dumped Stacy Keibler yet, so just assume he has cancer. [Lainey Gossip]

- Quentin Tarantino’s Inspiration For Samuel L. Jackson’s Character In Pulp Fiction Discovered [BuzzFeed]

– Here’s Bethenny Frankel groping Coco’s ass… More »

Mena Suvari’s Ex-Husband Wants Spousal Support

For two whole years Mena Suvari’s unemployed ex-husband Simone Sestito got to have sex with her impossibly large chipmunk butt that by all rights should cause her to topple over every time she walks, so why wouldn’t he think that should earn him $17,000/month in spousal support? He practically did her a favor. TMZ reports:… More »

Mena Suvari In Yoga Pants

Earlier in the week, we posted about Mena Suvari filing for divorce and all you did was click on four-year-old photos of her chipmunk butt in a chipmunk bikini like it was the chipmunk antidote. So here’s that butt crammed into yoga pants yesterday because while I’m not really sure how journalism works, I’m almost… More »

Mena Suvari Filed For Divorce

Despite covering herself in gang tattoos for him then getting married in the Vatican City, Mena Suvari is divorcing Simone Sestito after just two years of marriage, according to TMZ. Which is news I honestly couldn’t care less about, I just wanted an excuse to post these old pics of her impossibly large chipmunk buttMore »

Lindsay Lohan Hates Mena Suvari Now

Stop me if you heard this one before: Someone who finds acting work, isn’t considered a massive insurance risk and generally doesn’t give directors heart palpitations made fun of Lindsay Lohan and she accused them of using her to remain “relevant.” Now multiply that by two and you have exactly what just happened with DaniaMore »

Mena Suvari in a bikini

Here’s Mena Suvari hosting Absolut Saturday at AZURE in Vegas over the weekend, and there was a time when I’d question what drunken committee made that random call. Of course, that was before they started handing these thing out to Jon Gosselin, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until Octomom: The… More »

Mena Suvari in a bikini

Here’s Mena Suvari in Los Cabos yesterday with her boyfriend Simone Sestito. She’s still a celebrity, right? Yes? No? You’re gonna let it slide because somehow her midget frame supports her ass in a manner that suggests sorcery?

Works for me.

Photos: Flynet, Splash NewsMore »

Mena Suvari’s butt’s out again

I almost didn’t post these bikini pics because, at first, I thought another one of those hairless chipmunks got loose in Miami again. True, the butt looks nice, but is this site ready for that kind of action? Fortunately, my impressive ass-recognition skills kicked in and I figured out it was smoking hot Gadget from… More »

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