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Rachel Uchitel Will Apparently Bang Anything

And by anything I mean Jeremy London. You just read that.

According to RadarOnline, Jeremy’s ex-wife/also crazy drug addict Melissa Cunningham is accusing him of sleeping with the Ground Zero of Tiger Mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, while the two are filming the misleadingly named Celebrity Rehab together: … More »

The Stupidest Quote I’ve Ever Seen in My Life

Jeremy London’s wife Melissa Cunningham has basically come forward to reveal that the actor was trying to “score drugs” the night he was allegedly kidnapped and forced to take all the drugs he’s addicted to. Except even after being aware of this fact – and presumably possessing a modicum of common sense – check out… More »

And Bullshittier…

Seen here in 2008, Jeremy London’s wife Melissa Cunningham is now claiming the police told her and Jeremy that random kidnappings where the victims are forced to do drugs are part of a new crime wave in Palm Spring. Except, surprise, this is the only time it’s ever happened/someone’s been stupid enough to make this… More »