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Kacey Jordan Wins ‘Best Whore’

Joining the ranks of such empowered women as Jamie Jungers, who has to be just thrilled I reminded everyone she banged Tiger Woods for money – which she did, Kacey Jordan won this morning’s Porn Star pageant on The Howard Stern Show despite attempting to pretending she’s capable of dignity just two days ago on… More »

Charlie Sheen: ‘Cancel the Whores’

Like watching a majestic bird have its wings clipped, Charlie Sheen apparently spent the weekend texting every porn star he’s ever been with, and let’s assume some he hasn’t (It’s hard to keep count.), that he’s done making hooker sandwiches, five whores high. TMZ reports:

Among the messages Charlie has sent — “Please… More »

Melanie Rios Was There, Too

We’ve already seen Kacey Jordan, so I felt it was important to take a look at porn star Melanie Rios (Formerly Melanie Jane), the other fifth of Charlie Sheen’s hooker sandwich, who seems to prove he hasn’t entirely lost it. Had he spent the past three days holed up with just Kacey Jordan and her… More »

Charlie Sheen Was ‘Laughing Too Hard at the TV.’ Of Course.

Before we get into this, let me bring you up to speed on Charlie Sheen’s condition, he’s the fucking Highlander. The man was hospitalized yesterday for a hernia and not a drug overdose because let’s assume he’s built up a tolerance so strong Colombia would need to clone itself twice just to get him high. More »