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No, Meryl Streep’s Speech Isn’t How Trump Won, Shut Up

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech isn’t how Trump won, and Meghan McCain is stupid to think it is. More »

Meghan McCain Fact Checks Bristol Palin

More excerpts of Bristol Palin’s memoirs have become available and just like her chapter accusing Levi Johnston of rape, she continues the Palin family tradition of revising history because her mom’s zealot fanbase will believe anything you tell them. Via Us Magazine:

Palin writes that during her first encounter with Sen. John McCain’s… More »

Meghan McCain always takes pictures of her breasts hanging out. What’s the big deal?

Meghan McCain sent the Internet a flutter when she posted the above pic to her Twitter Tuesday night. Apparently she thought it was just an innocent photo of her spending the night in despite the fact I just tried to motorboat my monitor. Megan’s since removed the photo along with her entire TwitPic account:
More »

Meghan McCain wants to be played by Hilary Duff

Meghan McCain is hard at work on a book about her life, complete with a chapter on Sarah Palin, and already knows who she wants to play her in the movie: Hilary Duff. I guess Megan wants to see more women with linebacker shoulders in film. Who knows? NY Daily News reports:

“I want… More »

Heidi & Spencer are going to Iraq

At long last, my dream of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt having a three-way with an IED is about to come true. America’s favorite assbag couple are heading to the Middle East to support the troops/pose on a tank for this year’s Christmas card. Spencer tells Extra their expedition is supposedly being aided by John… More »

Heidi Montag has lunch with John McCain’s daughter

And it’s time to expatriate. Apparently, Heidi Montag is a political force worthy of entertaining lunch with John McCain’s daughter Meghan. The two met yesterday at the Ivy where Meghan tried her best to wish herself into her cell phone. I’m pretty sure, when her father loses in November, his campaign manager will point to… More »