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Nina Agdal In A Bikini Banged Lindsay Lohan’s Ex

After wasting my Thanksgiving vacation writing about the religious right’s plans to turn our country into a Christian theocracy ala the Middle East, it’s nice to get back to some real journalism. Namely picking out the best photos of Nina Agdal’s butt in a bikini while she’s inexplicably on vacation with Lindsay Lohan’s ex MaxMore »

Lindsay Lohan’s Partying Already? Noooo

Lindsay Lohan has been out of rehab for nine whole days, and amazingly she’s made it this long without eyewitnesses seeing she’s full of shit and hasn’t changed a bit. On that note, remember how she couldn’t attend The Canyons premiere because it’d be full of triggers for a recovering addict? Apparently partying in a… More »

Thanks For Admitting You Banged Lindsay Lohan, Max George. No One Ever Would’ve Guessed.

For reasons that can only be described as “she blows you so hard time bends on itself,” Lindsay Lohan managed to have a fling with Max George of The Wanted who’s continually denied their relationship because it’s hard to bang more woman if they think your penis breathes fire now. Except he’s finally copped to… More »

Lindsay Lohan Wants You To Remember She Used To Bang Heath Ledger

Every morning I’m presented with the almost impossible choice of picking which stupid bullshit Lindsay Lohan’s done in the past 24 hours to write about. Which is why I’d like to thank Lainey Gossip for pointing me in the direction of the above tweet that’s clearly way more hilarious than Shawn Holley washing her handsMore »

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Her Boyfriend Will Pay For Everything!

Despite owing the IRS, a storage facility and her lawyer hundreds of thousands of dollars, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly turned down a $550,000 offer for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Which proves she really is a complete fucking idiot or is actually pulling in one hundred grand a beeje, but for the… More »

Lindsay Lohan is Still Stealing As Much As Possible

Posted by Photo Boy

Lindsay Lohan has been so busy lately punching out Miss Cleo and blowjaying her tax debt away that I was worried she wouldn’t have time to continue stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. Fortunately she tweeted this:
Missing [email protected]

Phew! I thought for a minute she… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Stalking Max George Again

Last week, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for “allegedly” punching a psychic who dared to talk to Lindsay’s boyfriend, Max George of The Wanted, if boyfriend means some dude who fucks other people while you drunkenly stalk him. So naturally she just showed up backstage at last night’s Jingle Ball in Philly (above) and was allowed… More »

Lindsay Lohan Got In Drunk Bar Fight Over Max George of The Wanted

Apparently the drunken punch that landed Lindsay Lohan in cuffs this morning was all over Max George of The Wanted (above) not being in the mood to bang a freckled slopbox of fail even though he has a penis and was also drunk which really says a lot about what it’s like to look at… More »