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Matt Lauer Wanted To Wrestle Tom Cruise, Wisely Did Not

Matt Lauer told Andy Cohen he wanted to wrestle Tom Cruise. Mmm, oh yeah, now that’s some good Internet right there. … More »

Charlie Sheen Confirms He’s HIV Positive To Stop ‘Saltless’ Whores

Charlie Sheen’s TODAY interview went exactly as expected. More »

Giada De Laurentiis Denies Banging Every Guy She’s Ever Been On TV With

Posted by Photo Boy

Star magazine would publish a cover photo of you in a coffin if they thought you’d buy it, so it’s not a stretch to think when they heard Giada De Laurentiis’ was getting divorced they went “Okay, let’s start with ‘she fucked everyone,’ then work our way backwards from… More »

Why NBC Is An Asshole For Airing Dottie Sandusky Interview

During the Woody Allen kerfuffle that everyone forgot (along with the Bill Cosby one which coincidentally also involved Matt Lauer shitting on victims), child abuse investigator Patrick Perion wrote a depressingly informative post about the state of child abuse forensics in the 90s which more than likely benefited Woody Allen. And now he’s back with… More »

Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Says He’s Innocent, Victims Were ‘Manipulated’ For Money

“How’s the raping today, Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky?”
“Oh, it’s fine. Just fine. Looks like rain today.”

Because denial is a hell of a drug, Dottie Sandusky showed her face on TODAY where she not only claimed Jerry Sandusky is innocent of the 45 charges of child molestation he was found guilty… More »

Paula Deen Will Talk Like Popeye Now, Let He Who Is Without Spinach Cast The First Stone

“I is what I is,” Paula Deen said this morning on TODAY while impressively sticking to her new PR crisis team’s message that she’s being maliciously crucified by the liberal media for only saying nigger once in her entire life in 1986 when a black man held a gun to her head. And you know,… More »

Paula Deen’s Getting Fired From Everything

When we last left Paula Deen before bailing for the weekend, her company released a statement literally reminding everyone that Paula Deen is very old and from the South, so it’s really not her fault she’s a tad racisty. She also bailed on Matt Lauer and then began a very public tailspin in which she… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Face: What The Hell Happened

Lindsay Lohan’s TODAY interview where she lies directly to Matt Lauer’s face aired this morning (after the jump), and probably one of the cruelest things they could’ve done is flash back to 2006 when she was only 19 with a face that doesn’t look like a blowfish. And if you’re wondering just how exactly she… More »

Lindsay Lohan Told Matt Lauer She Hasn’t Gone Out In Months

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Lindsay Lohan is super serious about being sober now that she’s inexplicably been tossed a bone in showbiz, and she won’t mess it up this time. Honest. Because that’s exactly what she told Matt Lauer in a new interview with TODAY:

“That’s not my thing… More »

Lindsay Lohan Fails Alcohol Test, Goes Diva on Matt Lauer

Despite reports to the contrary, Lindsay Lohan actually is subject to alcohol tests while on house arrest because she just failed one which is really the only plausible ending to her telling Life & Style there’s no booze in her house. So, of course, she’s due back in court today to face threats of jail,… More »

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