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Courtney Love Thinks She’s Marlon Brando’s Granddaughter

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 truther Courtney Love thinks Marlon Brando is her grandfather. Strap in. More »

Marlon Brando Once Groped Natasha Lyonne

Stories about lecherous old Hollywood actors are my favorite because they harken back to a more innocent time when people did horrible things without having any clue they’d later be recorded on a global porn sharing device you can carry around in your pocket. So here’s Natasha Lyonne on Conan recalling the time Marlon BrandoMore »

John Travolta Has Magic Hands

Apparently there’s more than just talk of slave labor in The New Yorker’s 28-page Paul Haggis interview/Scientology expose. Josh Brolin also contributes an anecdote about turning to the church out of desperation, only to realize everyone in it is fucking crazy after seeing John Travolta try to heal Marlon Brando with his hands. No, really. More »