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Let’s Try This, Which Daughters Does Donald Trump *Not* Want To Fuck?

Donald Trump is obsessed with his daugther Tiffany’s breasts, too. Oh, good. More »

Marla Maples in a bikini = Happy 4th, America!

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

On this most patriotic of days, I encourage you all to think about the sacrifices made by our forefathers. Sacrifices that allow a guy like me to write freely about breasts without the King of England coming into my home and teabagging me, if I recall my history lessons. More »

Marla Maples auditions for ‘Baywatch: Special Cartwheels Unit’

Marla Maples has quite the athletic build at the age of 44. But someone needs to tell her you can’t just cartwheel away the effects of time. Believe me I’ve tried. It cost me a coffee table, two ceiling fans and my neighbors threatened to call the cops if they ever see my “free-hanging pinto… More »

Marla Maples & Bachelor Andy: Huh? Who? What?

New couple Marla Maples and Andy Baldwin took a page from the Heidi and Spencer book and posed for pictures on Laguna Beach. You might recognize Andy from ABC’s The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman and Marla from, well, Donald Trump’s bedroom. It should be noted that 31-year-old Andy is a Navy physician and was… More »