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Bristol Palin to Margaret Cho: ‘Have You Met My Ghostwriter?’

Seen here demonstrating how this entire mess could’ve been avoided in the first place, Bristol Palin fired back at Margaret Cho’s claim that Sarah Palin forced her daughter to appear on Dancing With The Stars to make up for getting pregnant during the 2008 election. And by Bristol Palin I mean her mom’s ghostwriter who… More »

Sarah Palin ‘Forced’ Bristol To Do DWTS

Keeping in mind the source of this information is second-hand hearsay via Margaret Cho’s blog, which is probably still more reliable than the Britney Spears recording going around, Bristol Palin was apparently forced to do Dancing With The Stars to make up for costing Sarah Palin the 2008 election by getting pregnant:

I… More »

Jack Black as Jesus in ‘Prop 8 – The Musical’

Here’s a bunch of Hollywood actors, including Jack Black as Jesus Christ, in a musical about Proposition 8. I guarantee you this will win people over because there’s nothing folks love more than that blonde chick from Scrubs and the guy from Talladega Nights singing with Doogie Howser. Seriously, with production values… More »