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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Are Still Doing It

Despite a very messy and public divorce where Jennifer Lopez’s people immediately started trashing Marc Anthony in the press, the two of them recently hooked up at a Puerto Rican hotel while filming their talent competition show. Probably because Marc Anthony reportedly has a giant penis which I forgot to post about, so just take… More »

Jennifer Lopez ‘Broke Down’ On Stage

While performing in Connecticut over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez apparently broke down on stage during the Mohegan Sun’s 15th anniversary celebration which somehow has become a huge story even though it shouldn’t be after you read what led up to her “emotional breakdown.” People reports:

Lopez, 42, then launched into “Until It Beats… More »

I Don’t Think Jada Was The One Sleeping With Marc Anthony, You Guys

A few weeks back, rumors spread that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were separating after he supposedly caught her having sex with Marc Anthony. Except here’s Will and Marc in Miami last night for Salsa Skeletor’s birthday, and the two couldn’t look tighter. In fact, they almost look a little too tight… get me… More »

Marc Anthony Doesn’t Know Jennifer Lopez is Spreading The Cheating Rumors

“Marc, it’s okay. Now, tell us where her butt touched you.”

In his first post-divorce interview, Marc Anthony says absolutely nothing interesting at all except that his split from Jennifer Lopez wasn’t “sensationalistic” and that he doesn’t know where all these rumors come from. Probably because he still loves Jennifer making him blind… More »

Will Smith Caught Jada and Marc Anthony ‘Watching a DVD’

Yesterday, a report broke that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are separating which they eventually denied by cryptically stating their marriage is “intact” along with planning to sue InTouch Weekly. Except a good idea might be to make sure their people stop confirming details from said report by coming up with ridiculously guilty-looking excuses… More »

Scientology Ruined Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage

“Shit, is that a Thetan?! Esmeralda, shield the children!”

While Jennifer Lopez has been busy making sure people think Marc Anthony is Ike Turner’s less violent twin, Julio, I’m going to assume his people leaked this little tidbit to the Daily Mail which should go over awesome with the strictly Catholic Latino community… More »

Jennifer Lopez Has a ‘Post-Split’ Interview In Vanity Fair Already

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their split just two weeks ago, and ever since it’s been a carefully, calculated PR battle on her end to paint herself as the victim of a “controlling” anorexic Latino who, at best, weighs 90 pounds soaking wet with delicious salsa. So, of course, Jennifer Lopez somehow already gave… More »

Jennifer Lopez is Really Taking This Separation Hard, In a Bikini

“Bitch, turn around, O.J.’s a cowboy! GET OUTDA HOUSE!”

Here’s Jennifer Lopez celebrating her 42nd birthday in Miami over the weekend, and blatantly posing for the paparazzi so Marc Anthony will see how happy she is without him. Which is kind of superfluous considering he carries around a scepter with a crystal ball… More »

Marc Anthony Cheated on Jennifer Lopez With a Stewardess

“I know it was you, Salsa Fredo.”

For those of you just tuning in, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony called it quits just before the weekend and an epic battle to make each other look like even bigger dickheads has already engulfed the media with Us Weekly clearly behind Team Lopez after being… More »

Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend Sued For Raping a Minor and Giving Her An STD

“Call me later. We’ll rape out.”

As soon as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they were separating, rumors immediately started that she was having an affair with William Levy who starred in her video for “I’m Into You” and conveniently divorced his wife right after the shoot. However, he’s since denied the… More »

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