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So That’s What Mandy Moore Looks Like Without A Bra And Other News

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- Michael Fassbender’s penis made room for a lady on his motorcycle. It’s a gentleman. [Lainey Gossip]

- ‘The Spocker’ - Worth the scroll to the bottom. [theCHIVE]

- Kim Kardashian knows homeless people often pee on the street in Hollywood. [Dlisted]

-More »

Mandy Moore douches and other news

-Kim Kardashian finds acting work further proving Satan’s powers are far greater than we imagined. (I only thought he had mad Halo skills. And the voice of a 13 year old.) [PopEater]

- Celine Dion is pregnant. How old is she? Is that legal? [Lainey Gossip]

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Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams get married

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams apparently got married yesterday in Georgia, according to People:

The couple, who got engaged just last month, tied the knot in Savannah, Ga., Moore’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.
The singer-actress, 24, and Adams, 34, applied for a marriage license on Tuesday afternoon at the Chatham County Probate… More »

Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams get engaged

Mandy Moore has apparently decided to rebound from her breakup with DJ AM by running back to musician Ryan Adams and marrying him. Makes perfect sense. People reports:

Details on the engagement weren’t immediately available. Moore, 24, and Adams, 34, had dated off-and-on since March 2008.
Moore, who supported close pal and ex-boyfriend DJ… More »

Sharon Osbourne attacks Charm School contestant (And other chicanery)

Nuggets of journalistic gold:

- Megan Hauserman (above) is pressing charges against Sharon Osbourne after being attacked during the Rock of Love: Charm School reunion last night. Somebody in VH1’s marketing department just got a raise. [TMZ]

- Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore tried to duck out of a cancer benefit early by… More »

Mandy Moore & DJ AM back together

DJ AM is learning that surviving a fiery plane crash is the number one panty dropper. Since checking out of the hospital, he’s rekindled his relationship with Mandy Moore who flew to his side in the days following his escape from a deadly plane crash with Travis Barker. The couple were photographed together over the… More »

Mandy Moore: Why is Ryan Adams touching my boobs – in a comic book store?

Folk singer Ryan Adams stole my signature move and took Mandy Moore out for a date yesterday – to the the comic book store. Now there’s two things I love more than life itself: boobs and comics. And right now Rick Moranis’ mutant love child has his hands on both. Had I known Mandy Moore… More »

Mandy Moore dating Matthew Perry

Mandy Moore has been seen getting close to Matthew Perry. The two are eleven years apart, but, eh, whatever. That never matters in these Hollywood relationships. Even the boring ones. Page Six reports:

One source said, “He was already seated and waited for her for 15 minutes until she arrived. He stood… More »

Mandy Moore Mexico bikini pictures

It’s summer, so I hope you’re ready for two more months of celebrity bikini shots. I’m not exactly sure when these were taken, but they’re of Mandy Moore in her bikini in Mexico. And judging by these pictures she does more than just sing about candy. Like eat it! See what I did… More »

Mandy Moore dumps DJ AM

Friends of Mandy Moore say she’s dumped DJ AM and is single again. DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) used to date Nicole Richie and after they broke up he reportedly told friends he needed to date another high-profile person so he could get some more publicity. Sadly, his idea of high-profile is Nicole… More »

Mandy Moore and DJ AM making out

If there was any doubt as to whether Mandy Moore and DJ AM were actually going out or just friends, the two were spotted making out in the open at the Sundance Film Festival. Which just proves that one of Mandy’s friends really needs to get their act together and have an intervention. More »

Mandy Moore is depressed

There’s finally an explanation as to why Mandy Moore is dating DJ AM and it’s because she’s been battling depression. She tells Jane magazine:

“A few months ago, I felt really low, really sad. I’m a very positive person, and I’ve always been ‘glass half-full.’ So it was like someone flipped… More »

Mandy Moore dates DJ AM, God confused

I don’t know why, but Mandy Moore and DJ AM (Niciole Richie’s ex) are allegedly dating. They ran into each other at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami and have been seeing each other since.

“It’s really new. They’re in the beginning stages of getting to know each other,” says the… More »

Jessica Alba and Wilmer Valderrama travel back in time

These shots of Jessica Alba and Wilmer Valderrama were taken last Saturday but it look like they came from the 90’s. I didn’t even know it was possible to make Jessica Alba look this awkward, let alone dressed like she just finished shooting an episode of Saved by the Bell. And everytime I… More »

Zach Braff and Mandy Moore split up

Us Weekly is reporting Zach Braff and Mandy Moore have split up after going out for a year and a half. Braff was spotted at Hyde on June 8 downing drinks and trying to get with Jessica Simpson, despite costar Christa Miller saying on Howard Stern Monday that they were still together. A… More »

Mandy Moore calls Fez a liar

Mandy Moore is responding to claims by Wilmer Valderrama that she lost her virginity to him, insisting that he’s lying about the whole thing. Fez appeared on the Howard Stern radio show last month and talked about how he was the first person to sleep with Mandy Moore, as well as having done… More »

Mandy Moore has ‘orgasms unlimited’

Mandy Moore says she’s embarrassed of appearing on the latest cover of Cosmo because there’s a headline that says “orgasms unlimited” next to her face, explaining:

“I’m very flattered to be on a magazine cover, but the horrifying part is my parent’s have framed every magazine that I’ve ever been on from the beginning. More »

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff wedding registry

In case there was ever any doubt that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are indeed getting married, the foxy Neva tracked down their Tiffany’s wedding registry. There’s nothing particularly interesting, but it’s worth looking at just to see their full names Amanda Moore and Zachary Braff in print. Although if you’d like to get a… More »

Mandy Moore And Zach Braff To Wed

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are supposedly set to marry next April, after the Scrubs star discreetly asked the 21-year-old singer/actress last month:

The couple are staying tight lipped about their plans, but Braff, 30, popped the question and presented Moore – his girlfriend for the past 18 months – with a $450,000, 4-carat… More »

Wilmer Valderrama is mind boggling

Lindsay Lohan claims she split with Wilmer Valderrama because she couldn’t handle all his flirting, but doesn’t make much sense because we’re talking about freaking Fez here.

Wilmer was my first love. But the timing was bad. And there were all these girls around; he would flirt with them. And I couldn’t handle that. More »

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