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Donald Sterling’s Interview Is A Goddamn Goldmine

Donald Sterling’s full interview with Anderson Cooper aired last night, and Jesus fucking Christ, is it a goddamn treasure trove. Not only does it take his admitted jealousy of Magic Johnson obsessively further, but it also manages to make Donald Sterling look like even more of a racist if that’s even possible. I say this… More »

Donald Sterling Is Sorry He Was Tricked Into Saying The Racist Thoughts In His Head

While I was on vacation, I completely missed the entire Donald Sterling fiasco which Photo Boy manhandled eloquently right down to laughing with glee at a racist old bastard dying of cancer. *balances a treat on his nose* Except before that last part happens, Donald Sterling would like your forgiveness and more importantly, your understanding… More »

It’s Rihanna In A Bikini, With Magic Johnson?

Whenever I post about black celebrities, inevitably some racist shitbag will make some sort of comment about all African Americans having an STD and/or AIDS, then try to act all cute and say, “What? I’m just quoting a statistic,” when they’re called out on it. It’s more obnoxious than commenters who say, “I’m only using… More »