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Everybody F*cking Hates Farrah

‘Teen Mom OG’ is apparently all about how much everyone hates Farrah Abraham. You watch ‘Real Housewives,’ so don’t pretend you’re above this. More »

MTV Drops Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ For Being A ‘Bad Example’

Snooki is a drunken little shit-midget pickle-vacuum who’s not even potty-trained. Amber Portwood is a suicidal drug addict who’s been in and out jail for beating the shit out of her baby’s daddy presumably because he has a goddamn tail. And Jenelle Evans is so out of control she almost got Teen Mom cancelled, yet… More »

Jamie Lynn Spears Thinks ‘Teen Mom’ is Brave

The last time we saw Jamie Lynn Spears on the site it was 2009, and you’ll be surprised to learn she was not murdered by Britney in a freak Whopper accident as I’ve assumed since then. Turns out she’s been quietly raising her daughter Maddie while biding her time until it becomes her turn to… More »

Teen Mom Maci is Still Showing Off Her Implants in a Bikini

For those of you who think the stars of Teen Mom are struggling to make ends meet like the show’s script would have you believe, here’s Maci Bookout showing off her implants again in another round of canned bikini pics which she got paid for along with a six-figure salary for a few months of… More »

The Teen Moms Have Great Ideas

Posted by Photo Boy

The Teen Moms are in front of the camera again, only this time, instead of cashing in on their poor life decisions and personal tragedies they’re joining forces to give kids a great alternative to unprotected sex: CUDDLING! I hate to be to one to break this news especially… More »

‘Teen Mom’ Maci is in a Bikini, And Surprise! She Has Implants.

Exactly as I predicted, here are just-released photos of Teen Mom Maci Bookout posing with her new implants in a bikini because apparently MTV is paying these kids with them. Although, Jenelle seems to have pawned hers for drugs while Farrah made that goddamn crying face until they agreed to the giant size. Anyway, I’m… More »

Another ‘Teen Mom’ Got Implants

Apparently she’s keeping them under wraps until her inevitable candid, yet entirely staged bikini photo shoot, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is the second MTV prodigy to use her $140,000 per season to shove silicone in her chest, according to Life & Style, which is sadly not a reference to condoms:

“Maci did… More »

You Have To Be Kidding Me…

Because there’s not enough strife and cause for alarm in the world these days, the stars of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were allowed to have a “girls’ night out” in New York City yesterday, effectively forming a three-headed hydra that can only be stopped by firing a morning after pill into its heart. There… More »