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Paris Hilton wants in on this nipple action

Struggling to maintain relevancy, Paris Hilton conveniently found herself in front of the paparazzi today without a bra on. I mean, what are the odds (that they’d show up as soon as she called)? In the meantime, I will never understand her breasts. Never. How do they go from virtually nonexistent to face smotheringMore »

Helena Mattsson wins Iron Man 2

I’ve never even heard of Helena Mattsson, but I have heard of areola so here she is at the Iron Man 2 premiere where 1/4th of hers popped out. Apparently she’s even in the movie, so I can only assume the entire plot revolves around her breasts or someone just pissed a ton of… More »

Donald Faison dropping a naked deuce

Donald Faison’s girlfriend CaCee Cobb decided to tweet a pic of him on the can after dining out with Jessica Simpson Wednesday and to his credit, he’s surprisingly cool with it. Because if you can’t see the star of a once-popular sitcom taking a naked shit on the Internet, we might as well go… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s ass is not art

Lindsay Lohan poses for Muse magazine in a photoshoot designed to capture Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ relationship. Because after those two, there’s only one person who can capture their level of international star power: Chester Cheetah Lindsay Lohan. The shoot also includes Lindsay’s dilapidated ass in a pose aptly titled “Guess who pees… More »

Claire Danes’ nipples and other news

- Miley Cyrus hates Twilight. How will a franchise survive without the approval of Disney’s child stripper? Only time will tell… [Lainey Gossip]

- Stephanie Pratt should pay attention to this. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Gerard Butler does his best Michael Jackson impression except no Jesus Juice. FAIL. [Just Jared]
More »

Miranda Kerr has a fashionable ass

Here’s Miranda Kerr in the November issue of V, and she should probably only be photographed at this angle from here on out. So who do I talk to to make that happen? There some sort of art czar in Washington or something, and more importantly, can he/she use military action to enforce strict… More »

Coco and the Fine Art of Tweeting

I’m only just now discovering that Ice T’s wife Coco has a Twitter account, and it seems like she’s using it to post provocative photos of herself. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. When you’re a woman with obscenely large breasts you really only have two choices on how to spend… More »

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