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Lourdes Leon Is Smoking

Get it? Because she’s both literally smoking and figuratively looking attract- Never mind. Here’s Lourdes Leon in Cannes yesterday where I want everyone to take careful note that I’m not at all suggesting she’s smoking marijuana. There could be anything inside that rolling paper, and I for one am certainly not hinting, hey, maybe it’s… More »

Lourdes Leon Is Still In A Bikini And No Madonna Vagina Selfies This Time, Promise

“If I turn off the lights and say your mom’s name three times into a mirror, she smears blood all over the walls.”
“Yeah, she does that.”

On top of stimulating serious discussions on race relations in America, I also like to post bikini photos of celebrities’ daughters because I’ll go to… More »

Lourdes Leon In A Bikini & Her Mom’s Vagina Selfie

It’s been two days since I ran Chloe Moretz in a bikini and Chris Hansen still hasn’t murdered me in the dream world yet, so I’m guessing it’s safe to post these shots of Lourdes Leon in Antibes where you’ll probably notice she’s smoking. Which isn’t ideal for a young girl, but her mother’s currently… More »

Yup, We’re Posting Lourdes Leon Bikini Pics

Here’s a bikini-clad Lourdes Leon who for the record is 16 and in France, so this is all perfectly legal. (Suck it, Hansen.) More importantly, Madonna may be immortal and armed with Mithril teeth, but I made sure to pour a ring of salt around the site, so we’re all safe. Nothing’s going to happen. More »

It’s Time For ‘Madonna’s New Boyfriend or Just Another Child She Stole?’

Here’s Madonna and her child army/family in Eden Roc yesterday where she also brought along her new boyfriend Brahim Zaibat but please don’t ask me to point him out. I blow at Where’s Waldo? On that note, are we just going to sit here and let her start banging the kids she steals, or does… More »

Kelly Osbourne Models For Madonna

That was fast.

Just a few weeks after Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon kicked Taylor Momsen to the curb for Kelly Osbourne, they’ve already rolled out the new campaign for Material Girl that looks completely realistic and not-at-all a CGI rendering enhanced by sorcery because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like Madonna’s… More »

Madonna Fired Taylor Momsen For This

After a one-time stint as the face of Madonna and Lourdes Leon’s Material Girl fashion line, Taylor Momsen has already been shit-canned, only to be replaced by Kelly Osbourne, according to Hollywood Life:

After many rumors, they finally confirmed the good news today, announcing Kelly Osbourne as the 2011 face of the brand. More »

Taylor Momsen, We Get It. You’re Edgy.

These are shots of Taylor Momsen acting like she’s too dark and edgy to be getting paid to promote Lourdes Leon’s new fashion line Material Girl at Macy’s yesterday. Because what could possibly go wrong with letting a prepubescent girl have her own fashion line that idolizes a 16-year-old who’s already tired of penis? (SpoilerMore »

Blake Lively is a dame and other news

- Lourdes Leon recreates Madonna’s iconic “Like a Virgin” outfit which means it’s only a few years until she’s snatching babies from small African villages. They grow up so fast. [PopEater]

- Victoria Beckham’s bolt-ons make the cover of Elle. [Lainey Gossip]

- Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan take their love public. More »