Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly Died (1970 – 2013)

After getting kicked off That 70s Show for not realizing slutty blondes grow on trees, Lisa Robin Kelly has had a rough go at it to put things nicely because not only did she just die, she died in rehab. “I just wanted to spit in her face one last time,” life was quoted as… More »

Laurie From ‘That 70s Show’ Says She Was Framed

After being arrested for spousal abuse over the weekend, That 70s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly is now claiming she was set up by her male roommate who beat the shit out of himself just to get her arrested, so have I mentioned these people are drug addicts? These people are drug addicts. TMZ reports:… More »

Laurie From ‘That 70’s Show’ Is Doing Well

When we last left Lisa Robin Kelly (Laurie from That 70s Show), she was being arrested for DUI and even worse, everyone learned she’s been super-old this whole time. Jump to this weekend, where she was arrested again, this time for beating the shit out of her husband who just assume came home and went,… More »

Laurie From ‘That 70s Show’ Looks Like This and Other News

- Lisa Robin Kelly of That 70s Show charged with DUI (above). Fun Fact: She’s already 40 which explains how Ashton Kutcher acquired a taste for really old women. [Popeater]

- Tom Hardy needs to fire the make-up department, who obviously hates him. [Dlisted]

- Amanda Seyfried is still banging RyanMore »