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Lisa Rinna Got a Lip Reduction

Because the rest of her plastic surgery face wasn’t getting enough attention, Lisa Rinna revealed she had her upper lip reduced while stopping by The Today Show this morning to promote her new book Starlip. (Or is it Starlit? Whatever.):

“I did it because I no longer wanted my lip to define me.” More »

Lisa Rinna in a bikini

Here’s Lisa Rinna in Malibu yesterday cheating the laws of time, age and gravity. Seriously, if these pictures included a shot of her sucking the life force out of a baby dolphin then magically reversing in age, I’d probably stroke my beard and say “Hmm… that’s about right.” Okay, I might be exaggerating a… More »

Lisa Rinna in a bikini

Lisa Rinna took to the beach yesterday in Malibu and you know what always amazes me about this woman? That she exposes herself to the sun yet doesn’t melt into a lump of plastic that her children use as a Frisbee. I mean, talk about a triumph of the feminine spirit. Take notes, Oprah.

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Lisa Rinna severely overestimates the casting ability of car horns

Lisa Rinna attempts to get herself cast on the new Melrose Place. It’s like, wow, where does the dignity end and the woman begin?

No, really, I can’t tell on account of the collagen. Little help?

Photos: WENN … More »

Lisa Rinna can’t believe how beautiful Lisa Rinna is

Lisa Rinna can’t get over her own beauty. In fact, she wishes she could walk around nude for all the world to see, according to People:

“While I’m definitely a product of this mindset, I don’t get all the fuss our society has over people’s weight,” actress Lisa Rinna told PEOPLE Tuesday night during… More »

Lisa Rinna posing for Playboy

Lisa Rinna, in an obvious effort to make my nightmares come to life, is posing nude for Playboy again, according to E! Online:

The TV Guide Network correspondent and former Dancing With the Stars contestant has more or less confirmed rumors–well, she’s certainly not doing anything to squelch them–that she’s planning to pose nude… More »

Lisa Rinna in a bikini

Lisa Rinna (Days of our LIves) hit the beach in Malibu with her family. At 44 she’s not looking too shabby, except Lisa should probably lay off the collagen. I’m pretty sure I could land a small squadron of planes on those babies. And I’d do it too because I practice the art of seduction,… More »