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Lindsay Lohan Is Seriously Giving Refugees Energy Drinks

“You just watched your family get torn apart and fled hundreds of miles to get here? Let’s get that heart rate up.” – Lindsay Lohan to Syrian refugees More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Starting An Empire

Lindsay Lohan is now in the business of your pleasure. It’s about time. More »

Lindsay Lohan Has A Nightclub In Greece

LOHAN Nightclub – An exclusive hotspot for music and danci- Let’s be honest, you’re coming for the coke. The walls are made of it. More »

Lindsay Lohan Almost Lost A Finger In Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan almost lost a finger. Somehow that’s news. More »

Lindsay Lohan Met With Syrian Refugees? The Lindsay Lohan?

Who the hell thought this was a good idea? More »

Lindsay Lohan Almost Had Acid Thrown In Her Face, You Guys

You may want to sit down for this one, because Lindsay Lohan is claiming her failed engagment wasn’t her fault at all.  OHMYGOD! Did you faint?! More »

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