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Naked Lindsay Lohan Terrorizes Wedding, ‘Somebody’ Drugged Her

Lindsay Lohan was a naked terror at a wedding because someone “slipped her a mickey,” so we’re off to a good start. This is all very credible.

The Superficial / August 28, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Is Stimulating Greece’s Economy

Lindsay Lohan is bravely tackling the Greek economic crisis one satisfied customer at a time.

Photo Boy / July 23, 2015

Lindsay Lohan’s Breasts Look Healthy

I’m not a woman doctor, but I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan’s boobs aren’t supposed to look like that.

The Superficial / June 30, 2015

It’s Lindsay Lohan In A Bikini

Lindsay Lohan’s saggy freckle boobs in a bikini, anyone?

The Superficial / June 22, 2015

Well, This Was Bound To Happen

Lindsay Lohan finally learned a trade. I’m actually impressed.

The Superficial / June 15, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Is Basically Telling Everyone She’s A Flight Risk

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends and family she’ll flee to Monaco if she doesn’t finish her community service on time.

The Superficial / May 19, 2015

Lindsay Lohan’s Doing Community Service At A Preschool

Lindsay Lohan will be working with children whose parents probably should’ve got that abortion. Look what you did, you jerks.

The Superficial / May 11, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Do Her Community Service. Again.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t complete her community service for faking her community service, so situation normal. Everything’s as it should be.

The Superficial / May 7, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Speak Arabic? No Way

Lindsay Lohan accidentally posted an Arabic message for ‘You’re an ass’ to Instagram after thinking it says ‘You’re beautiful.’…

The Superficial / April 22, 2015

It’s Lindsay Lohan In Lingerie

Lindsay Lohan’s giant freckled breasts demonstrate the appropriate use of Photoshop.

The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Lindsay Lohan: Master of The Subtle Art of Photoshop

Lindsay Lohan is a goddamn digital wizard. Like ILM with tits.

The Superficial / April 6, 2015

Yup, That’s Lindsay Lohan’s Ass, Alright

Everything looks perfectly natural here. This all checks out.

The Superficial / March 12, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Can Say The N-Word, Too, You Guys

Lindsay Lohan got caught using the word N-word on Instagram before quickly deleting it.

The Superficial / March 11, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Tried To ‘Break The Internet’ With This Shit

Lindsay Lohan thinks she has what it takes to break the Internet. With clothes on.

The Superficial / March 10, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Slapped With Another 125 Hours of Community Service

A judge threw out half of Lindsay Lohan’s community service then ordered her to do more because that worked out so well the first time.

The Superficial / February 26, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Tried To Count Her Acting As Community Service

Lindsay Lohan listed her time on stage as community service. We’ve seen your acting, lady.

The Superficial / February 25, 2015

Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Buy Her Way Out of Jail Now

Lindsay Lohan is trying to buy her way out of community service with Esurance’s money, of course. Haha! She doesn’t have $10,000.

The Superficial / February 17, 2015

Lindsay & Dina Lohan Sue Fox News For Saying They Did Coke Together

Lindsay Lohan and her mom are suing Fox News because one time, over a year ago, a guest on Hannity said they did coke together. Yup.

The Superficial / February 3, 2015

Football Is Bullshit, Here Are The Commercials

Some sort of sports ball game happened last night, but more importantly, celebrity laden ads to sell you shit you don’t need and sequels to movies nobody asked for! USA! USA! USA!

The Superficial / February 2, 2015
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