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People Somehow Care If Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam

Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam is apparently something other people besides me will write about. That can’t be good. More »

Lindsay Lohan Scrubbed Her Instagram, Leaves Arabic Message Behind

Lindsay Lohan deleted all of her Instagram posts and has entered a ‘period of renewal.’ So this story is about lava now? I have no idea. More »

Lindsay Lohan Wrote A Poem To ISIS

Lindsay Lohan’s ISIS poem just made me support a Trump policy. It’s fine, I’ll lobotomize myself. More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Sliced Finger Is Just Like Being A Refugee. Yup.

Lindsay Lohan’s boo-boo is just like fleeing Syria, you guys. More »

Lindsay Lohan Accepts The Fact That Lindsay Lohan Is Sagging

Lindsay Lohan is only just now seeing Lindsay Lohan’s body. More »

Oh, Good, Lindsay Lohan Probably Works For Putin, Too

A man claims he was beaten by Russians for allegedly “talking smack” about Lindsay Lohan. Welcome to Trump’s America. More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Pull A Charity Scam With Her Accent Now

Lindsay Lohan knows the air is right for orange assholery. More »

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