Leslie Jones

‘SNL’ Did The Melissa McCarthy Thing Again, It Was Okay

SNL went back to the Melissa McCarthy/Sean Spicer well. They probably shouldn’t have. (That Leslie Jones sketch though.) More »

Leslie Jones Wants To Do ‘Deadpool 2,’ Make It Happen

Leslie Jones wants to be Deadpool’s new sidekick. Do it. More »

The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Has A Trailer And Yeesh….

Yup, people are going to respond to the Ghostbusters trailer well. More »

Cool Guys Fill Children’s Hospital Facebook Page With Ghostbusters Hate

This is about ethics in proton pack reporting. More »

Chris Rock Unloads On Racism In Hollywood

And fuck it, we’re talking about racism again. Only this time it’s not about the police giving “thugs” what they “deserve,” but the quiet, institutional racism of Hollywood that Chris Rock calls out in a new essay for The Hollywood Reporter where he not only talks about helping black comedians like Leslie Jones catch a… More »