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Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski Secretly Got Married

Probably not the best time to announce this. More »

Emma Watson Got Hacked

Emma Watson clearly upset the wiener-children. More »

Chantel Jeffries Instagram Hacked, Posts Justin Bieber Masturbating

So who wants to see (maybe) Justin Bieber’s penis again? Yeah, you do. More »

Justin Bieber’s Penis Is Apparently What I’m Doing With My Life

It’s Justin Bieber’s naked penis because our world is a hellscape. More »

There’s An ‘Intimate’ Photo of Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris For Sale

Someone’s selling a steamy photo of Taylor Swift with her boyfriend. More »

Ben Affleck’s Nanny Might Be Pregnant And/Or Has Dick Pics

Ben Affleck might’ve got Christine Ouzounian pregnant because her game is strong. More »

Charlotte McKinney Nude Photos Leaked Online (Allegedly)

Alleged nude photos of Charlotte McKinney have leaked online which I ruin by confirming she’s dating Stephen Dorff. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. More »

Beyonce Has Leaked Unretouched Photos, Too, Now

Following on the heels of Cindy Crawford, unretouched photos of Beyonce have leaked online which should go over well with a woman whose publicist once tried to Photoshop the entire Internet. More »

It’s Cindy Crawford Without Photoshop

The unretouched image of Cindy Crawford making the Internet rounds isn’t for an upcoming, “inspirational” photo shoot. It’s from a 2013 issue of Marie Claire, and no one was supposed to see it. More »

Nobody Leaked Nude Photos of Taylor Swift, Stop Asking Me

Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram were both taken over by hackers threatening to leaked nude photos of her which never happened because they didn’t have any. You can stop e-mailing me now. More »

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